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                    THE GREEN SNAKE AND THE BEAUTIFUL LILY               
                              Antonella Bellecca                         
                    based on "Märchen" by W. Goethe (1795)               
          WGA WEST Registry             Antonella Bellecca               
          nr. 1880115                   Viale Italia 22                  
                                        51100 Pistoia                    
          FADE IN                                                        
   1      EXT RIVER WEST SIDE - NIGHT                                    
          XV Century. April, midnight. It is raining heavily on the      
          West Bank of the great Rumon River, 300 m wide. Reeds,         
          trees, bushes are whipped by the rain. The river is            
          infuriated and almost seems to overflow.                        
   2      EXT RIVER WEST SIDE - NIGHT - LATER                            
          The rain has stopped, the sky is cloudy at times. Water        
          drips from all the leaves, from the plants. The river runs     
          fast. We see a hut along the river, surrounded by              
   3      INT RIVER WEST SIDE - ARGUS’ HUT - NIGHT                       
          A slight glow enters from the slots in the closed shutters     
          in the poor interior of a somewhat shabby house. A table       
          with two chairs in the middle of the room. An extinguished     
          fireplace with hanging above a copper pot.                     
          On the walls shelves full of messy furnishings: oil lamps      
          of various sizes, carved wooden ornaments, fruit baskets,      
          some pipes. Hooks, ropes, jars, buckets. Kitchen crockery.     
          A broom in a corner. A chest. A dispensation.                  
          Along a wall, a bed with a bedside table; on the bedside       
          table, an unlit oil lamp. The bed has a wooden headboard       
          carved in a very simple way, with the inscription: ARGUS.      
          Under the covers one can see a tall strong man, 60, beard      
          and hair at his back, usually a little ruffled, who sleeps     
          placidly: he is ARGUS the ferryman. The house and the bed      
          seem really too small for such an imposing man.                
                              RICHARD (OS)                               
          Argus opens his eyes with difficulty.                          
                              JOHN (OS)                                  
                    HEY FERRYMAN!                                        
          Argus stands up on one elbow, amazed, half asleep. He          
          wears a nightgown.                                             
   4      EXT RIVER WEST SIDE - ARGUS’ HUT - DOOR - NIGHT                
                    WE WANT TO BE FERRED!                                
                    GET OUT!                                             
          Two Will-o’-the-wisps, as tall as a man, are waiting in        
          front of the door. One, RICHARD, 35, has a bluish tinge.       
          The other, JOHN, 35, has a reddish tinge.                      
          They are well differentiated: Richard is a bit corpulent,      
          a pot-bellied guy; John has a medium build. They are           
          suspended in the vivid halo of fire, entirely dressed as       
          gents, with hat, shoes, socks, waistcoats and jackets.         
          Elegant and not ridiculous clothing. The feet are slightly     
          connected to the bottom, because of the flame, which           
          starts from the ground, with the base of which are             
          The wooden door opens wide with a SHOT. In the light of a      
          flash, followed by a THUNDER, in the doorway, we see           
          Argus’ impressive figure. He is completely wrapped in a        
          large cloak, with a cone cap on his head and big boots. He     
          keeps a lamp lit up with his arm raised.                       
                    We are in hurry! Right, John?                        
                    We have to go to the other side                      
                    of the river! Right, Richard?                        
          Argus looks towards the river. The water runs fast             
          SEETHING NOISILY because of bad weather and current.           
   6      EXT RIVER WEST SIDE - PIER - NIGHT                             
          Argus’ right arm sharply moves away thick rushes. Argus        
          keeps the lamp high with his left hand, followed by            
          Richard and John who slalom between plants. They do not        
          walk with their feet, but flutter at the ground.               
          Argus stops, raises even the lamp and illuminates a small      
          wooden pier, which goes into the river for a few meters. A     
          rowing boat for 4-5 PEOPLE, tied with a rope to a wooden       
   7      EXT RIVER WEST SIDE - PIER - ON THE BOAT - NIGHT               
          Argus is standing on the boat and loosens the rope from        
          the pylon. The lamp is hanging from a vertical perch.          
          Richard and John are on the boat with a little jump. Argus     
          pushes with an oar on the dock and the boat comes off          
   8      EXT RIVER - NIGHT                                              
          Argus rows painfully, cutting the current from left to         
          right. It’s starting to rain. A lighting and a THUNDER.        
          Richard and John WHISTLE very rapidly among them. Suddenly     
          they burst out laughing and hopping on the edges, on the       
          benches, on the bottom of the boat.                            
                    THE BOAT IS WOBBLING! IF YOU ARE                     
                    SO RESTLESS, IT CAN CAPSIZE! SIT                     
                    DOWN, LANTERNS!                                      
          Richard and John laugh loudly. The boat sways. Richard and     
          John lullaby.                                                  
                    RICHARD                          JOHN                
          The old man is afraid!...        The old ferryman is           
                              RICHARD (CONT’D)                           
                         (mocking Argus)                                 
                    SIT DOWN, LANTERNS!                                  
          Richard and John laugh, jump and spill. Argus looks at         
          them in a bad mood.                                            
   9      EXT RIVER EAST SIDE - PIER - NIGHT                             
          It rains and THUNDERS. The boat touches the River East         
          Bank in a sheltered, where is a small pier equal to the        
          west one. Argus throws the ring-knotted rope on a pylon.       
          The rope loop falls perfectly on the pylon.                    
          Richard and John rise about twelve inches from the bottom      
          and remain suspended an instant, then shake themself           
          vigorously for a few seconds. A bright gold coins shower       
          falls from all sides of the flames on the boat bottom.         
                    This is for your trouble,                            
                    For heaven’s sake, what are you                      
                    doing! You want to ruin me! If a                     
                    gold coin had fallen into the                        
                    water, the River would rise in                       
                    frightful waves.                                     
          Argus mimics the dreadful waves.                               
                    And why?!                                            
                    It cannot tolerate it! He would                      
                    have swallowed the boat, and who                     
                    knows what he would do to you.                       
                    Take back your money!                                
                    We cannot take anything back from                    
                    what we shaked off. Right,                           
          Argus kneels in the boat, under the rain, and takes his        
          hat. He starts picking up gold coins and putting them in       
          his hat.                                                       
                    The hassle of having to pick them                    
                    up, too...                                           
          Richard and John hop off the boat. Argus stands up.            
                              ARGUS (CONT’D)                             
                    HEY! WHERE’S MY FEE?!                                
                    Who doesn’t want gold can work                       
                    for free! Right, Richard?                            
                    You should know that you can only                    
                    pay me with the fruits of the                        
                    The fruits of the earth? We                          
                    despise them! We have never                          
                    tasted them! Right, John?                            
                    I cannot let you go until you                        
                    promise to bring me three                            
                    cauliflowers, three artichokes                       
                    and three purple onions.                             
   11     EXT RIVER EAST SIDE - PIER - NIGHT                             
          Richard and John laugh. They turn to leave, but despite        
          the efforts cannot take the flame off the ground. A            
          lighting and a THUNDER.                                        
                    All right, all right! Damn                           
          We promise!                                                    
                    What do you promise?                                 
                    We promise to bring you some                         
                    vegetables as a reward for                           
                    NO! Three cauliflowers, three                        
                    artichokes and three purple                          
                    WE PROMISE BRING YOU THREE                           
                    CABBAGES, THREE ARTICHOKES AND                       
                    THREE PURPLE ONIONS!                                 
          Richard and John draw back; this time the flame detaches,      
          so they jump backwards. By inertia they jump back several      
          times for some meters.                                         
   12     EXT RIVER EAST SIDE - NIGHT                                    
          It rains. Argus is standing in the boat that moves away in     
          the dark, and watches the shore silently. A lighting and a     
          THUNDER. Richard and John watch the boat move away.            
          Suddenly they look at each other and give a start.             
                    HEY, OLD MAN!HLISTEN, OLD MAN!                       
                    WE HAVE FORGOTTEN THE MOST                           
                    IMPORTANT THING!                                     
          Their words fall on deaf ears. It pours.                       
   13     EXT RIVER EAST SIDE - FURTHER SOUTH - NIGHT                    
          Argus nears the bank. The rain clears and stops. A slight      
          glow filters through the clouds. Argus throws the loop         
          rope, which falls perfectly around a broken trunk.             
   14     EXT RIVER EAST SIDE - SHORE - NIGHT                            
          Argus is standing on the shore. On the back he has a           
          spade, tied with a strap. In his right hand he has the         
          hat, tied with a cord; in his left hand, the lamp. With        
          his right hand he adjusts as he can the strap and goes         
          into the bush, dripping water.                                 
   15     EXT RIVER EAST SIDE - HILL - NIGHT                             
          Argus digs a hole with a spade in the sodden earth, on the     
          slope of a hill. The lamp rests on the ground next the         
          tied hat. The wind blows. Argus stops and scans the sky:       
          the clouds have thinned out and moonlight shines.              
   16     EXT RIVER EAST SIDE - HILL - NEAR THE HOLE - NIGHT             
          The hole is ready. Argus on his knees spills all the coins     
          from the hat into the hole.                                    
          The hill is empty. The hole is covered. A lightning and a      
          THUNDER. A CRACKLING LIGHTNING hits the point where the        
          coins are buried.                                              
   18     INT UNDER GROUND - NIGHT                                       
          The lightning continues its run under the ground,              
          SPLITTING the layers of rocks: it forms a slit. The bright     
          coins suddenly fall along the slit.                            
   19     INT UNDERGROUND CAVE - NIGHT                                   
          An underground cave, full of stalactites and stalagmites.      
          The walls give off a light flare. The ceiling splits           
          RUMORIOUSLY, the lightning enters the cave and ends up by      
          CRASHING to the ground.                                        
          Meanwhile, the bright coins fall in, crossing the cave.        
          The coins fall on the rock; they TINKLE and sparkle. On        
          the one hand, a green SNAKE sleeps rolled up; he is about      
          six meters long.                                               
          His name is SEVERUS and the cave is his home. Severus          
          opens his eyes. He raises his head, looks, unrolls, crawls     
          towards the coins. He looks amazed at the coins. One by        
          one he eats them all.                                          
          The more he eats them, the more his body becomes bright;       
          the skin becomes transparent; the light comes from his         
          inside. He throws the last coins into the air,                 
          triumphantly raising himself to devour them as they fall       
          back. We see the whole cave illuminated by the                 
          transparent, luminous and throbbing body of Severus.           
   20     EXT RIVER - NIGHT                                              
          The boat back from the east to the west bank. Argus rows       
          with irritation. DISTANT THUNDERS.                             
   21     EXT RIVER EAST SIDE - HILL - NIGHT                             
          Severus advances crawling through grass and bushes. As it      
          passes, he illuminates the water which drips from the          
          plants, leaves and flowers; they glow glittered by his         
          light. Then they come back in the dark. He goes into a         
          thicket and provokes around him the same glitter               
   22     EXT RIVER EAST SIDE - GLADE - BUSH - NIGHT                     
          We see a glade surrounded by woods, and in the distance        
          the brightness of Richard and John. Severus emerges from       
          the bush in the glade. He stares. In the distance Richard      
          and John flutter.                                              
                         (to himself)                                    
                    If I could finally find someone                      
                    like me!                                             
   23     EXT RIVER EAST SIDE - ACROSS THE GLADE - NIGHT                 
          Severus snakes quickly across the glade. He provokes           
          around himself the glittering phenomenon. Richard and John     
          play chasing each other, laughing. Severus lunges at them.     
                    Cheers, cousins!                                     
   24     EXT RIVER EAST SIDE - GLADE - NIGHT                            
          Richard and John stop and look at him in amazement.            
                              SEVERUS (CONT’D)                           
                    I’m glad to find such lovely                         
                    gentlemen, between my kinship!                       
                    Let me introduce myself: I am the                    
                    serpent Severus.                                     
          Richard and John fly over him and pass him over laughing.      
                    Cousin Severus, even if you                          
                    belong to the horizontal line,                       
                    this doesn’t mean anything.                          
                    Right, John?                                         
                    We are related only to the part                      
                    of light, of appearance. Right,                      
                    Because, look here...                                
          Richard and John become very thin and sharp, so much           
          higher, almost double. Severus looks at them in dismay.        
          They speak louder to be heard from above, preening.            
                              RICHARD (CONT’D)                           
                    We are gentlemen of the vertical                     
                    Look how are good, to us, this                       
                    height and this slenderness...                       
          Richard and John return to normal. They flit and laugh.        
                    You don’t take it badly, dear                        
                    friend, but what family can boast                    
                    about it?                                            
                    Since there are the                                  
                    Will-o’-the-wisps, no there was                      
                    one, who had sat down...                             
                    RICHARD                          JOHN                
          ...OR LYING DOWN!                ...OR LYING DOWN!             
                              RICHARD (CONT’D)                           
                    But, my dear cousin, I would                         
                    think, we both remain what we                        
                    are. Right, John?                                    
                    Let’s live without envy or                           
                    rancor, without desiring the                         
                    title of the other. Right,                           
   25     EXT RIVER EAST SIDE - GLADE - NIGHT - NEXT                     
          Severus lows his head to the ground and snakes around,         
          awkward. His internal light palpitates. Then he raises his     
          head to look at them again.                                    
                    You gentlemen would give me some                     
                    news about the origin of the gold                    
                    coins that fell into the                             
                    underground cave?                                    
                    What cave?                                           
                    What coins?                                          
                    The underground cave is my                           
                    home... It’s beautiful, full of                      
                    stalactites... A short while ago,                    
                    so many gold coins have fallen                       
          Richard and John look at each other intentionally.             
                              SEVERUS (CONT’D)                           
                    Perhaps it was a golden shower                       
                    that fell directly from the                          
          Richard and John laugh and shake themselves vigorously. A      
          large amount of bright gold coins falls from the flames        
          and gushes and TINKLES. Severus rushes over it and begins      
          to swallow them one by one, greedily.                          
                    Much good may it to you, dear                        
                    We can serve them even more!                         
          Richard and John flit around and shake themselves              
          repeatedly, causing a literal rain of bright coins.            
          Severus eats the coins and gradually his inner light grows     
          in intensity.                                                  
   26     EXT RIVER EAST SIDE - GLADE - NIGHT - LATER                    
          Severus, Richard and John are standing in the glade. There     
          are no more luminous coins around, while Severus’s body        
          shines strongly: he has the thrill of satiety in his eyes.     
                    Cousin Richard...                                    
          Richard smiles gloating.                                       
                              SEVERUS (CONT’D)                           
                    Cousin John...                                       
          John smiles gloating.                                          
                              SEVERUS (CONT’D)                           
                    I... I will be grateful to you                       
                    forever! Ask me what you want:                       
                    what is in my strength, I will do                    
                    it to you.                                           
                    Very well! Right, John?                              
                    Tell us, cousin Severus, where                       
                    dwells the Beautiful Lily?                           
                    Take us as soon as you can to the                    
                    Palace and the Garden of the                         
                    Beautiful Lily...                                    
                    We die of the impatience of                          
                    throwing ourselves at his feet.                      
                    Right, Richard?                                      
          Severus sighs deeply.                                          
                    This is a service that I cannot                      
                    immediately make you, dear                           
                    cousins. Beautiful Lily lives                        
                    beyond the Rumon River.                              
          Richard and John are comically dismayed.                       
                    Beyond the river!?                                   
                    Now we have to get us ferry                          
                    again, on this stormy night!                         
          The clouds cover the moon again. A lightning and a             
                    The river is terrible!                               
                    Would it be possible to call the                     
                    ferryman again?                                      
                    You would work for nothing.                          
   27     EXT RIVER WEST SIDE - PIER - NIGHT                             
          Argus moor the boat.                                           
                              SEVERUS (V.O.)                             
                    Even if you find the old Argus on                    
                    this side, he will not embark on                     
   28     EST/INT ARGUS’ HUT - NIGHT                                     
          Argus pushes the door, comes in and hangs the lamp on a        
          hook on the wall.                                              
                              SEVERUS (V.O.)                             
                    He can bring anyone on this side,                    
                    but no one on the other side.                        
   29     EXT RIVER EAST SIDE - GLADE - NIGHT                            
                    Then we are ruined! Right, John?                     
                    But... but... this makes no                          
                    Is there another way to pass the                     
                    There’s more than one, but not                       
                    right now. I can bring you                           
                    myself, but only at midday.                          
                    It’s an hour in which we do not                      
                    travel willingly... Right,                           
                    We’re stuck here! Lost in the                        
                    Lost Kingdom!                                        
          Severus raises his head with sudden dignity.                   
                    NO! The Lost Kingdom IS NOT... at                    
                    all... lost.                                         
          Pause. Richard and John look interrogatively at Severus,       
          who makes an effort to control himself.                        
                              SEVERUS (CONT’D)                           
                    If you would like to find                            
                    yourself, around noon, in that                       
                    corner of the wood...                                
          He points it with his tail.                                    
                              SEVERUS (CONT’D)                           
                    ...where the bushes come to touch                    
                    the shore... I can let you pass,                     
                    and introduce yourself to the                        
                    Beautiful Lily.                                      
                    We Will-o’-the-wisps fear the                        
                    heat of the noon... Right, John?                     
                    Do you have a boat too, cousin                       
                    I do not need it.                                    
   30     EXT RIVER EAST SIDE - DAY                                      
          Noon. Severus, not luminous, snakes among the high grass       
          of the shore. He arrives at the water. He raises his head      
          and extends its forward on the water, more and more            
          forward. Magically his body stretches to cover the entire      
          width of the river.                                            
                              SEVERUS (V.O.)                             
                    Our River painfully separates art                    
                    from wisdom. I was allowed to                        
                    connect the two shores only at                       
                    noon, for a few minutes.                             
          The whole body of Severus becomes a bridge of green            
          quartz, with an arch, one meter wide.                          
                              SEVERUS (V.O.)                             
                    My body is the offering: I become                    
                    a stone and I lose all                               
                    consciousness, to give the                           
                    inhabitants of the Village the                       
                    possibility of fleeting                              
   31     EXT RIVER EAST SIDE - GLADE - NIGHT                            
                    What village?                                        
          Severus lowers his head.                                       
                    Once on the two banks of the                         
                    great Rumon River...                                 
   32     EXT VILLAGE - DAY                                              
                              SEVERUS (V.O.)(CONT’D)                     
                    ...a prosperous and delightful                       
                    Village expanded.                                    
          A beautiful village extends over both banks of river, a        
          hundred meters wide. The vegetation on the banks is well       
          taken care of. A robust three-meter-wide wooden bridge         
          connects the two sides. Many boats are moored or cross the     
          river. THE INHABITANTS are busy in the streets and in the      
                              SEVERUS (V.O.)(CONT’D)                     
                    At that time many boats crossed                      
                    the river. A beautiful wooden                        
                    bridge connected the two                             
                    shores... they were only a                           
                    hundred meters away.                                 
   33     EXT A VAST PLAIN - DAY                                         
                              SEVERUS (V.O.)(CONT’D)                     
                    Our Prince Cullen was proud in                       
          Silent scene. A battle with INFANTRYMEN AND KNIGHTS.           
          PRINCE CULLEN stands out on a rearing horse: 25, a             
          handsome young man, noble appearance, beardless, brown         
          hair behind him. He wears a cuirass with a breastplate and     
          wields the sword. He encourages the fighters.                  
   34     INT ROYAL COUNCIL HALL - DAY                                   
                              SEVERUS (V.O.)(CONT’D)                     
                    ...he administered the kingdom                       
                    with foresight...                                    
          Silent scene. The room is spartan furnished, with a large      
          rectangular cedar table in the center, swords and              
          tapestries on the walls, chairs with high wooden backs on      
          the walls. Daylight enters from the cusped high windows.       
          A large round wrought iron chandelier hangs above the          
          table, around which stand Cullen and SIX COUNCILORS, well      
          dressed, all with a beard. Cullen wears elegant knight         
          dresses. Some open scrolls are scattered on the table.         
          Cullen unrolls one of them above the others and                
          illustrates something to the councilors.                       
   35     INT COURT OF JUSTICE - DAY                                     
          Silent scene. A room with a sumptuous high chair, on a         
          platform, on which Cullen is sitting; on his clothes he        
          wears a purple cloak, which half negligently covers him.       
          On both sides there are beautiful empty chairs.                
                              SEVERUS (V.O.)(CONT’D)                     
                    ...he judged with justice and                        
          THREE PEOPLE stand in front of Cullen. On the right, a         
          well-dressed councilor, with a beard and some scrolls in       
          his hand, in silence. In front, TWO PEASANTS address to        
          Cullen in turn on a lively way to ask for justice. Cullen      
          listens carefully to the litigants’ perorations.               
   36     INT THRONE ROOM - DAY                                          
          Silent scene. The Room is not too wide but sumptuous; MANY     
          DAMES AND KNIGHTS bow to Cullen, who is standing near the      
          throne, with crown and scepter. The throne is a high           
          wooden armchair with many embedded gemstones, and              
          decorated cushions.                                            
                              SEVERUS (V.O.)(CONT’D)                     
                    ...his government was wise and                       
   37     EXT LARGE FARMTERRACE - NIGHT                                  
          A peasant festival. FOLK MUSIC. The farmterrace is             
          decorated with festoons, garlands and lanterns. MANY           
          PEASANTS dance and fun. There are also SOME HIGHER CLASS       
                              SEVERUS (V.O.)(CONT’D)                     
                    Alas! At a Harvest Moon Ball he                      
                    met a really highest rank                            
                    princess, from a distant kingdom,                    
                    and they fell in love.                               
          Cullen dances with one hand behind his back and holds a        
          girl’s hand with the other one. She is BEAUTIFUL LILY, 20,     
          blue eyes, radiant look, long blonde and ringletted hair,      
          softly intertwined with ribbons and small flowers.             
   38     INT ROYAL PALACE - LIVING - DAY                                
          Silent scene. A truly sumptuous living room. On the wall a     
          large picture of a KING and a QUEEN, who in the flesh          
          stress out furiously and address tough to Lily, who covers     
          her face with her hands and runs away.                         
                              SEVERUS (V.O.)(CONT’D)                     
                    The sovereigns took position                         
                    against, with all their                              
   39     EXT RIVER EAST SIDE - GLADE - NIGHT                            
                              SEVERUS (CONT’D)                           
                    ...but Beautiful Lily was too                        
                    stubborn. She asked Prince Cullen                    
                    to escape together, she convinced                    
                    him by leaning on his love...                        
   40     EXT FOREST - NIGHT                                             
                              SEVERUS (V.O.)(CONT’D)                     
                    They escaped at night, through                       
                    the Dark Forest behind the royal                     
          Lily runs into the deserted dark forest, her head covered      
          by the cloak hood. She reaches Cullen who waits for her        
          near a tree, with two horses. Cullen and Lily jump on the      
          horses and run away at a gallop.                               
   41     INT ROYAL PALACE - LILY’S BEDROOM - NIGHT                      
          The King and the Queen roam the room furiously, throwing       
          the furniture on the ground. The Queen throws the blankets     
          into the air, then raises her fists in the sky, invoking       
          the curse.                                                     
                              SEVERUS (V.O.)(CONT’D)                     
                    Very great was the sovereigns                        
                    anger when they discovered it.                       
                    The mother threw a curse on the                      
                    two young persons.                                   
   42     EXT FOREST - NIGHT                                             
          A LIGHTNING hits WITH A BANG the gap between the horses of     
          Cullen and Lily, which rear up. Shying they run away. The      
          branches of the trees lash Cullen and Lily and tear their      
          clothes off.                                                   
   43     EXT RIVER EAST SIDE - GLADE - NIGHT                            
                              SEVERUS (CONT’D)                           
                    Since then, Beautiful Lily can                       
                    not touch any living being.                          
          Richard and John look at him sadly.                            
                              SEVERUS (CONT’D)                           
                         (lowering his head)                             
                    When the Queen inflicted her                         
                    curse on her disobedient                             
                              SEVERUS (CONT’D) (FOLLOW)                  
                    daughter, and on the Prince who                      
                    had kidnapped her, our Village                       
                    began to fall into ruin, to                          
                    perish... like a living being.                       
   44     EXT VILLAGE - DAY                                              
          The houses rot, fall into pieces, disappear swallowed by       
          vegetation. They disappear in pieces, almost magically.        
                              SEVERUS (V.O.)(CONT’D)                     
                    Houses and streets are rotten,                       
                    fallen into pieces, swallowed up                     
                    by vegetation. Only a few of them                    
                    have resisted.                                       
   45     EXT RIVER EAST SIDE - GLADE - NIGHT                            
                    Desolation, disorder...                              
                    Squalor, decay...                                    
                    All together...                                      
                    Since then we await, we few                          
                    survivors the desolation, that                       
                    the ancient prophecy of a new                        
                    bridge, which forever unites the                     
                    Rumon River banks, is realized.                      
                    Then the Lost Kingdom will return                    
                    to being prosperous and happy.                       
                    But then... even the Beautiful                       
                    Lily’s Garden is in ruins...                         
                    It is all full of weeds!                             
                    No: Beautiful Lily stayed to live                    
                    with us, and her Palace is the                       
                    only place in the countryside                        
                    that has not been touched by the                     
                    ruinous abandonment.                                 
          Richard and John breath for the escaped danger, looking at     
          each other.                                                    
   46     EXT RIVER EAST SIDE - GLADE - NIGHT - NEXT                     
                              SEVERUS (CONT’D)                           
                    You could pass the other side at                     
                    dawn, in the Great Giant’s                           
          The clouds return to thin out. A little light passes           
          through the open rips.                                         
                    Which is?... The Great Giant?                        
                    What would be like?...                               
                    The Great Giant, he lives not far                    
                    from here. With his body he can                      
                    not do anything: his hands do not                    
                    raise a straw, his shoulders                         
                    would not bring a bundle... But                      
                    his shadow can do much... rather,                    
                    Oh, what does it mean?...                            
                    That at the rising and falling of                    
                    the sun he is very powerful,                         
                    because the shadows are long. And                    
                    so in the evening you can sit on                     
                    his neck shadow... and the shadow                    
                    brings the traveler across the                       
   47     EXT RIVER EAST SIDE - MOUNT - DAY                              
          The GIANT slowly emerges from behind the east mountain. He     
          is enormous; resembles the giant of the 1938 Disney            
          picture "Brave Little Tailor". He yelps by stretching          
                              SEVERUS (V.O.)                             
                    The Great Giant is huge, he looks                    
                    like a mountain. Nobody knows                        
                    where he lives, but he appears                       
                    every morning at dawn. He                            
                    whenever moves towards the river.                    
          The Giant slowly starts towards the shore.                     
   48     EXT RIVER EAST SIDE - PLAIN/SHORE - DAY                        
          As the Giant slowly advances, his shadow lengthens across      
          the river, from east to west.                                  
                              SEVERUS (V.O.)                             
                    That is the moment to jump on the                    
                    powerful shadow of his nape.                         
   49     EXT RIVER - EAST SIDE/WEST SIDE - DAY                          
          The Giant takes the first step in the water. The shadow of     
          his head slides slowly over the water and lands at the         
          west bank.                                                     
                              SEVERUS (V.O.)                             
                    The Great Giant’s shadow is very                     
                    long. When he sets foot in the                       
                    river, the nape shadow is already                    
                    on the opposite bank.                                
   50     EXT RIVER EAST SIDE - GLADE - NIGHT                            
                    He spends all day from that part                     
                    of the river, nobody knows where.                    
   51     EXT RIVER - EAST SIDE/WEST SIDE - DAY                          
          The Giant emerges from the West Mountain and slowly moves      
          towards the river, that is to the east. His shadow             
          lengthens across the river, this time from west to east.       
          He takes the first step in the water. The head shadow          
          slides over the water slowly and reaches the east bank.        
                              SEVERUS (V.O.)                             
                    But at sunset he returns to this                     
                    side. At that time the shadows                       
                    lengthen towards the Levant. Thus                    
                    the Great Giant’ shadow traverses                    
                    the river in reverse.                                
   52     EXT RIVER EAST SIDE - GLADE - NIGHT                            
                    He passes here and there like a                      
                    On the nape of his shadow, we                        
                    have understood. Right, John?                        
                    But no, on the shadow of his                         
                    It’s the same thing!                                 
                         (to Severus, doubtful)                          
                    But the river will want to be                        
                    paid again...                                        
                    Don’t worry about this... The                        
                    Great Giant does not respect any                     
                    rule, neither of this world nor                      
                    of others. The Rumon River knows                     
                    it can not knock it down.                            
          Severus raises his tail and points to a path that branches     
          off from the glade.                                            
                              SEVERUS (CONT’D)                           
                    You can look for the Great Giant                     
                    at dawn in the rocky cove at the                     
                    end of that path... Certainly he                     
                    will be very courteous.                              
                    And you, dear cousin, what will                      
                    you do now?                                          
                    I will enjoy my own light.                           
          Richard and John bow, then flit away quickly, toward the       
   53     EXT RIVER EAST SIDE - HILL - NIGHT                             
          Severus turns to look at the thicket from which he came.       
          All the trees and bushes rustling in the wind. Severus         
          looks at his luminous body: the light palpitates. He looks     
          at the thicket again.                                          
          He crawls into the thicket, coming back from the clearing.     
          He shines strongly, illuminates and glitters the plants        
          and the grass along his passage. He arrives at a rocky         
          wall, begins to climb it, then enters a cleft in the rock.     
   54     INT TEMPLE - NIGHT                                             
          Severus emerges through a slit into an underground dark        
          Temple. He raises his head and spreads his glow within a       
          few meters.                                                    
                         (to himself)                                    
                    Finally I’ll see the Underground                     
          Severus crawls around. Little by little he illuminates         
          columns and banisters. Everywhere dust and cobwebs. The        
          Temple is dipped in the dark and Severus manages to            
          illuminate only a ten-foot ray.                                
   55     EXT RIVER EAST SIDE - BENJAMIN’S HOUSE - NIGHT                 
          A small stone house, with a thatched roof and a front          
          garden, leans against the wooded wall of a hill; a low         
          fence with a wooden gate surrounds it all around. A path       
          leads to the front door. Despite the some shabby and           
          slapdash look, the house inspires sympathy, it is pretty.      
   56     INT BENJAMIN’S HOUSE - NIGHT                                   
          The dark interior is quite large, clean and tidy. The          
          walls are made of gold bricks and glow in the dim light.       
          Floor and ceiling are of wood. There is a nice table with      
          a tablecloth and four chairs. A pantry, benches, chests.       
          Shelves with a few books, knick-knacks, lamps. A simple        
          round wrought iron chandelier with eight candles. In front     
          of the extinguished fireplace there are two old                
          comfortable armchairs. Door is closed.                         
   57     INT BENJAMIN’S HOUSE - BEDROOM - NIGHT                         
          We move to the bedroom, on the other side of the closed        
          door. These walls are made of golden bricks too, but the       
          half-light is more deep. The floor and ceiling are made of     
          A wardrobe, a chest, a large mirror, a chandelier similar      
          to that of the living room, but smaller. A small dog           
          sleeps on the left, on the bedside rug. Two over 60            
          spouses in nightgown sleep in the bed: PHILINE on the left     
          and BENJAMIN on the right, each facing own bedside table.      
          Philine is a little quick intelligent woman, but not too       
          much; she is not very tall, thin but slightly weighted by      
          age. Benjamin is a handsome old man with flowing beard and     
          hair behind him.                                               
          Two chairs are at the foot of the bed, with the clothes        
          above: peasant clothes for Philine, gamekeepers clothes        
          for Benjamin. On Philine’s bedside table we see an oil         
          lamp, a hair clip, a little book.                              
          On Benjamin’s bedside table we see a very characteristic       
          oil lamp, the Magic Lamp: it is a small hexagonal glass        
          house in a wrought iron cage painted in white, with swirls     
          and decorations. The roof of the cottage is pierced. One       
          of the sides is a little door.                                 
   58     INT TEMPLE - NIGHT                                             
          Bright Severus arrives at a colossal golden statue, seated     
          on a golden throne: he is the GOLD KING. The throne is on      
          a gold base, on which the word is engraved: TRUST. Severus     
          illuminates the statue from the base up up to the face.        
          The king wears the crown; with his right hand he keeps a       
          long scepter surmounted by a sphere, his left hand is          
          wrapped around the refined hilt of a sword that rests on       
          his knees (all of gold).                                       
          Severus’ light arrives at the face of the statue: the          
          Golden King wakes up and opens his eyes. He looks straight     
   59     INT BENJAMIN’S HOUSE - BEDROOM - NIGHT                         
          The Magic Lamp on Benjamin’s bedside table lights on by        
          itself. The first soft light strengthens and enlivens          
   60     INT TEMPLE - AT GOLD KING - NIGHT                              
                              GOLD KING                                  
                    Who wakes up my sleep?                               
                         (a little scared)                               
                    I am Severus the Snake.                              
                              GOLD KING                                  
                    Where are you from?                                  
                    From the crevasses in which the                      
                    gold lives.                                          
                              GOLD KING                                  
                    What is more amazing than gold?                      
                    The light...                                         
                              GOLD KING                                  
                    What is more life-giving than                        
                    The dialogue.                                        
   61     INT BENJAMIN’S HOUSE - BEDROOM - NIGHT                         
          Benjamin opens his eyes. The Magic Lamp makes a good           
          strong light now. Benjamin gets up on one elbow and looks      
          at it. He is amazed and serious. The golden walls sparkle      
          in the light of the Magic Lamp. Philine moves in bed, she      
          wakes up.                                                      
                    what’s up?...                                        
                    The Magic Lamp has lighted by                        
                    The Magic Lamp has lighted?...                       
          Benjamin sits up on the bed, takes the trousers on the         
          chair and begins to put them on.                               
                    I have to go.                                        
   62     INT TEMPLE - AT SILVER KING - NIGHT                            
          The Golden King keeps quiet. Bright Severus gives at him       
          sidelong glances as he moves within a few feet to the          
          right. Thus he finds the seated statue of the SILVER KING,     
          identical to the previous one, but silvery. On the throne      
          base the word "HOPE" is engraved.                              
          Severus raises his head and illuminates the statue from        
          the base up up to the face.When Severus’ light arrives at      
          the face of the statue, the Silver King opens his eyes. He     
          looks straight ahead.                                          
                              SILVER KING                                
                    Does which solemn day turn away                      
                    the sweet night, awakening me                        
                    from sleep?                                          
   63     INT BENJAMIN’S HOUSE - BEDROOM - NIGHT                         
          Benjamin is standing near the bed; he wears a modest           
          medieval gamekeeper clothing and a cloak.                      
                    Philine, I’m never in favor of                       
                    separating me from you, if I can                     
                    avoid it.                                            
                    But I have to go.                                    
          Philine stretches in bed, half asleep still.                   
                    Where are you going?                                 
                    At the Underground Temple.                           
          Philine suddenly gets up to sit in bed.                        
                    What you told me that is totally                     
                    in the dark and... there are Four                    
                    Sleeping Kings... huge...                            
                         (widening her arms)                             
                    and when they’ll wake up, will                       
                    the ancient prophecy come true?!                     
                    The Magic Lamp doesn’t lie. If it                    
                    has lighted up, it means the Four                    
                    Kings have woken up.                                 
                         (laughing nervously)                            
                    Benjamin, it’s a Magic Lamp. It                      
                    may have lighted up for a                            
                    thousand reasons!                                    
                    They need me.                                        
                    But maybe your prince is back,                       
                    now he’ll think of everything. He                    
                    was two years away, he may have                      
                    found... I don’t know, a                             
          Philine crumples the sheet nervously.                          
                    No. The Magic Lamp always finds a                    
                    way to communicate with me, and                      
                    tonight it’s telling me that life                    
                    is back, over there.                                 
   64     INT BENJAMIN’S HOUSE - BEDROOM - NIGHT - NEXT                  
          Benjamin is sitting on the bed, by own side, facing            
                    I left the village fifty years                       
                    ago, and the most beautiful gift                     
                    the world has given me is your                       
                    love. Now that I am in this                          
                    desolation again, with you, my                       
                              BENJAMIN (FOLLOW)                          
                    soul, I want to do my part all                       
                    the way. This is all just still                      
                    very new, to you: so trust me.                       
          Benjamin comes out of the bedroom and heads for the front      
          door. Philine is sitting on the bed and leans toward the       
                    But the prophecy says the Temple                     
                    must emerge!                                         
          We hear the NOISE OF THE DOOR THAT CLOSES.                     
   65     INT TEMPLE - AT THE BRONZE KING - NIGHT                        
          Bright Severus gives at the Silver King sidelong glances       
          as he moves within a few feet to the right. Thus he finds      
          the seated statue of the BRONZE KING, identical to the         
          previous two, but bronzed. On the throne base the word         
          "LOVE" is engraved.                                            
          Severus illuminates the statue from the base up up to the      
          face, slowly. When Severus’ light arrives at the face of       
          the statue, the Bronze King wakes up and opens his eyes.       
          He looks straight ahead.                                       
                              BRONZE KING                                
                    Love held me in delicate arms,                       
                    now it’s the joy which calls me                      
                    to new precious hours.                               
          Severus lowers his head and walks away, giving at him          
          sidelong glances.                                              
   66     INT TEMPLE - AT THE COMPOSITE KING - NIGHT                     
          He moves within a few feet to the right and so illuminates     
          the COMPOSITE KING throne base, identical to the previous      
          three, but without scepter and without sword.                  
          The shoulders, the head and the crown of the statue are        
          made of gold, its chest and arms of silver, its legs of        
          bronze. The throne and the base are made of copper.            
          The Composite King supports with his hands a large copper      
          sphere. On the throne base the word "HUMILITY" is              
          Severus illuminates the statue from the base up up to the      
          face. When Severus’ light arrives at the face of the           
          statue, the Composite King wakes up and opens his eyes. He     
          looks straight ahead.                                          
                              COMPOSITE KING                             
                    The town resounds with jubilance,                    
                    the land resounds in the splendor                    
                    of the morning sun.                                  
   67     INT TEMPLE - NIGHT                                             
          Suddenly on one of the walls a longitudinal crack opens,       
          with a DULL THUD. A beam of pleasant light comes out from      
          it and brightens the whole Temple, which is similar to the     
          Pantheon of Rome.                                              
          Benjamin come in the Temple through the cleft. The light       
          comes from the Magic Lamp that he holds in his hand.           
          Benjamin approaches the Golden King and raises the Magic       
          Lamp to his face. He has a movement of amazement.              
                    Who called me?!...                                   
          Benjamin sees Severus and impulsively approaches the           
          snake, who is some embarrassed and so withdraws: he rolls      
          up to a balustrade and hides his head, but he is very          
          visible given his strong light.                                
                              GOLD KING                                  
                         (to Benjamin)                                   
                    Why do you come, Gamekeeper? We                      
                    already have the light!                              
                              COMPOSITE KING                             
                    It is too narrow a view...                           
          Benjamin turns to the Golden King and makes a few steps        
          vehemently in his direction, in the middle of the Temple.      
                    The Magic Lamp... ehm... made me                     
                    understand the Temple had been                       
                              GOLD KING                                  
                    Maybe has the time come for the                      
                    one another’s reciprocal help?                       
                              SILVER KING                                
                    To invoke themself the each                          
                              BRONZE KING                                
                    An event is enclosed in the other                    
                    one, as in a box.                                    
                              COMPOSITE KING                             
                    An interest is overwhelmed by the                    
                    other one.                                           
                    These are all rhapsodic riddles,                     
                    my sovereigns. First of all, let                     
                    them come back to live in my                         
                              GOLD KING                                  
                    You linger with thought on old                       
                    fairy tales.                                         
                              COMPOSITE KING                             
                    On old books and traditions.                         
                    How difficult it would be to give                    
                    you satisfaction if I followed                       
                    your criteria!                                       
          Severus unrolls quickly, exits from behind the balustrade      
          and advances a few terraces towards Benjamin.                  
                         (to the Gold King)                              
                    A fairy tale has its own truth,                      
                    and it must have it, otherwise it                    
                    would not be a fable.                                
                    It represents us as possible, in                     
                    possible or impossible                               
                    conditions, impossible events.                       
                    It’s fabulous and fantastic, but                     
                    everything flows in it naturally.                    
                              GOLD KING                                  
                    Forests of symbols with familiar                     
                    eyes... Prophecy is still far                        
                    from being fulfilled... But light                    
                    is the first step.                                   
                              COMPOSITE KING                             
                    For a long time we waited for the                    
                    light... But beauty and wisdom                       
                    are still lacking...                                 
                              BRONZE KING                                
                    And the sacrifice...                                 
          Severus looks seriously at the Bronze King.                    
                    The improbable sometimes presents                    
                    itself as something probable and                     
                              GOLD KING                                  
                    Benjamin... eternal Guardian of                      
                    this cursed Temple... Only your                      
                    Magic Lamp can give light to the                     
                    awakening prophecy.                                  
                              SILVER KING                                
                    I already find all the                               
                    distinctive signs of a prophecy,                     
                    and in the highest degree the                        
                    most important sign.                                 
                              COMPOSITE KING                             
                    It’s easy to see how it refers to                    
                    the past as well as to the                           
                    present and to the future.                           
                              SILVER KING                                
                    Benjamin... Does maybe my kingdom                    
          Benjamin sharply turns to the Silver King.                     
                    Late or never!                                       
                              BRONZE KING                                
                    Gamekeeper Benjamin, when will I                     
                    stand up?                                            
          Benjamin sharply turns to the Bronze King.                     
                              BRONZE KING                                
                    Who should I join?                                   
                    Your older brothers.                                 
                              BRONZE KING                                
                    And what will happen to the                          
                    He will remain seated...                             
                              COMPOSITE KING                             
                    I’m not tired!                                       
          Benjamin sharply turns to the Composite King.                  
                              COMPOSITE KING (CONT’D)                    
                    Are you looking for the                              
                    immeasurable greatness here?                         
                    You’re wrong. My greatness is in                     
                    making him the greatest one...                       
          Bright Severus looks at the Composite King carefully,          
   68     INT BENJAMIN’S HOUSE - NIGHT                                   
          Philine is in front of the fireplace, in a dressing gown.      
          A lit lamp is placed on the mantelpiece. She has tied her      
          hair up with the hair clip on the bedside table. She with      
          an andiron moves the ash a little.                             
          The ashes of the fireplace reddens. Philine’s hands            
          approach the embers to warm up. They BEAT at the door.         
          Philine turns in amazement at the door. We hear a strong       
   69     INT BENJAMIN’S HOUSE - NIGHT - NEXT                            
          Philine is standing behind the wooden door; her head is        
          slightly bowed towards the door.                               
                    Who are you?...                                      
                              RICHARD (OS)                               
                    We are two wayfarers, Madame.                        
   70     EXT BENJAMIN’S HOUSE - NIGHT                                   
                    It’s very cold, it’s raining. Let                    
                    us come in and warm up a little,                     
                    until it stops raining.                              
   71     INT BENJAMIN’S HOUSE - NIGHT                                   
          Philine hesitates, then with slow gestures unlatches the       
                    That’s the night of novelty...                       
          Philine opens the door. As soon as the opening is wide         
          enough, Richard and John jump into the house, flying on        
          the ground. Philine has a movement of amazement. She           
          closes the door and remains a little dismayed. Richard and     
          John bow.                                                      
                    Nice to meet you, Madame.                            
                    We are Messer Richard and Messer                     
                    John, wills-o’-wisp. At your                         
                    I’m Messer Richard.                                  
                    Nice, wills-o’-wisp. Please                          
                    accept the modest hospitality of                     
                    my home.                                             
          Richard and John fly fast from one side of the house to        
          the other. The golden walls sparkle. Richard and John look     
          at them and exchange a knowing look.                           
                    Is this beautiful little house                       
                    all yours, Madame?...                                
                    Oh no! This is the gamekeeper’s                      
                    house. He is my husband,                             
                    And where is he now, your                            
                    He had to go out...                                  
          Richard and John smile wickedly.                               
   72     INT TEMPLE - NIGHT                                             
                              GOLD KING                                  
                    How many secrets do you know,                        
                              SILVER KING                                
                    What is the most important?                          
                    The obvious one.                                     
                              BRONZE KING                                
                    Do you want to reveal it to us                       
                    As soon as I’ll know the fourth                      
                              COMPOSITE KING                             
                    It does not matter... Even in the                    
                    end, riddles will always be                          
                    I know the fourth secret...                          
          Benjamin violently draws close to Severus.                     
          Severus rises up to Benjamin’s ear and HISSES something.       
          Benjamin straightens his shoulders and raises his arms.        
                    IT IS THE TIME!                                      
          Benjamin’s voice ECHOES in the half-dark Temple.               
   73     INT BENJAMIN’S HOUSE - NIGHT                                   
          The door opens wide and Benjamin enters, his cloak soaked      
          and theamp lit in his hand. It’s raining outside: a            
          lightning and a THUNDER. Benjamin SLAMS the door.              
                    It started to rain again.                            
          The eight chandelier candles are lit. There are no more        
          ounces of gold on the walls: now they appear to be simple      
          stone. Benjamin does not notice: he turns off the Magic        
          Lamp, sets it on a shelf, takes his cloak off and hangs it     
          on a wall hanger, next to the door of his house.               
          Now he notices there is some confusion in the room: the        
          objects on the shelves are overturned, a couple of chairs      
          are overturned. Philine is seated on one of the armchairs,     
          in front of the lit fireplace, and cries softly.               
          She holds a handkerchief on the face. The dog is at her        
          feet, it seems asleep. Benjamin looks at her. In the           
          silence we hear the soft weeping. Only now he notices the      
          room is completely upside down, a chaos. The bedroom door      
          is open. He approaches her and puts a hand on her head.        
   74     INT BENJAMIN’S HOUSE - DINING ROOM - NIGHT                     
                    Benjamin, why did you leave?... I                    
                    told you not to go... You left me                    
                    What happened?...                                    
                    Two travelers came, they knocked                     
                    on the door... They looked like                      
                    two PEOPLE just right! They were                     
                    dressed in light flames, I                           
                    thought they were                                    
                    wills-o’-wisp... indeed they                         
                    were... I let them in... I’ve                        
                    been unwise!                                         
          Benjamin sits in the other armchair, reaching out to           
          Philine, and takes her hands.                                  
                    What have they done?...                              
                    They started to make me shameless                    
                    compliments! They importuned me!                     
                    Well... those men certainly only                     
                    wanted to joke... it was just a                      
                    generic courtesy, given your                         
          Philine jumps up.                                              
                    But what age!                                        
   75     INT BENJAMIN’S HOUSE - DINING ROOM - NIGHT - NEXT              
          Philine starts walking around the room, she is irritated.      
                              PHILINE (CONT’D)                           
                    The age! Do I always have to hear                    
                    from you about my age? Am I so                       
                    old?! A generic courtesy! I know                     
                    what I’m saying!                                     
          Philine points to the walls with his hand.                     
                              PHILINE (CONT’D)                           
                    Look! There is not even an ounce                     
                    of gold left!                                        
          Philine makes a circular gesture, pointing to all the          
          walls of the room.                                             
                              PHILINE (CONT’D)                           
                    All the gold they licked away!                       
                    You can not believe with what                        
          Benjamin gets up and looks around.                             
                    You know it’s not a problem...                       
                    And they also had the impudence                      
                    to say it was much better than                       
                    what they usually lick!                              
          Benjamin laughes.                                              
                              PHILINE (CONT’D)                           
                    They have become much brighter                       
                    and even more impudent!                              
                         (with trembling voice)                          
                    They tried to caress me...                           
          Benjamin approaches her and tenderly strokes her face,         
          takes her arms with affection, while Philine still moves       
                              PHILINE (CONT’D)                           
                    They called me their queen... But                    
                    the worst thing is they started                      
                    to shake violently, and they                         
                    brought down a shimmering amount                     
                    of coins... look...                                  
          Only now we notice so many shiny coins on the floor.           
                              PHILINE (CONT’D)                           
                    See how they shine again! There,                     
                    under the bench!... What a                           
                    misfortune!... Benjamin...                           
          Philine is terrified and looks at the dead dog beside the      
          fireplace. So Benjamin also looks at him.                      
                    What happened to Stanny?...                          
                    He ate a bit of coins... I do not                    
                    know how many, I could not stop                      
          Benjamin and Philine approach the dog beside the fireplace     
          and crouch, but they do not touch him.                         
                    Poor beast...                                        
                    I cannot be able to console                          
                    myself... I saw it only after the                    
                    wills-o’-wisp had left...                            
          Philine gets up and Benjamin too.                              
                              PHILINE (CONT’D)                           
                    ...otherwise I would not have                        
                    promised to settle their debt                        
                    with the ferryman.                                   
          Benjamin is dumbfounded and stares her.                        
                    Why did you do that?!!                               
                    I wanted they to go away as soon                     
                    as possible! I was afraid they                       
                    would not leave!                                     
                    Are they debtors of what?                            
                    Three cauliflowers, three                            
                    artichokes and three purple                          
                    I promised to take them to the                       
                    River when the day breaks.                           
                    Yes, you can do it to them, this                     
                    pleasure... Today generosity has                     
                    returned to these lands: as I                        
                    thought, the Four Kings are the                      
                    ones who have made the prophecy.                     
                    Perhaps when Prince Cullen will                      
                              BENJAMIN (FOLLOW)                          
                    return, there will not be any                        
                    need to save Beautiful Lily                          
                    either. And those two                                
                    wills-o’-wisp... it is no                            
                    coincidence what is happening...                     
                    sooner or later those two will be                    
                    useful to us...                                      
                    I don’t know, however they                           
                    promised and swore they would                        
                    return the favor.                                    
          Philine and Benjamin, with two brooms, finish sweeping the     
          last coins and mound them all in one corner. Philine opens     
          a closet and they place the two brooms.                        
                         (rueful and tired)                              
                    I go to bed, Benjamin.                               
          Philine heads for the bedroom.                                 
                    Yes, Philine, I’ll catch up with                     
                    you soon. Now I turn off all the                     
                    lights and then put everything                       
                    back into place.                                     
   78     INT BENJAMIN’S HOUSE - BEDROOM - NIGHT                         
          Philine enters the bedroom. Inside, the walls are now only     
          stone. She closes the door behind her.                         
   79     INT BENJAMIN’S HOUSE - DINING ROOM - NIGHT                     
          Benjamin approaches his Magic Lamp with a small stick,         
          opens the little door and puts the flame to the wick. He       
          closes the door and leaves the Magic Lamp on the shelf.        
          He takes a snuffer from a shelf and extinguishes the           
          candles of the chandelier. He throws ash into the              
          fireplace and extinguishes the fire. Now only the Magic        
          Lamp illuminates the room.                                     
          Benjamin takes it, raises it slowly and goes around the        
          room. He illuminates the walls and the fireplace. When the     
          magic light passes, all the walls become golden.               
                              BENJAMIN (OS)                              
                         (to himself)                                    
                    The power of the Magic Lamp...                       
                    when every other light is                            
                    extinguished... turns the stone                      
                    into gold...                                         
          Benjamin approaches the dead dog with the Magic Lamp and       
          bends over him.                                                
                              BENJAMIN (CONT’D)                          
                         (to himself)                                    
                    The power of the Magic Lamp...                       
                    transmutes into precious stone...                    
                    the body of dead animals...                          
          The dog becomes of onyx.                                       
   80     EXT RIVER EAST SIDE - COVE - DAWN                              
          Richard and John are waiting standing, in silence.             
   81     EXT RIVER EAST SIDE - MOUNT - DAY                              
          The Giant appears from behind the mountain. Its shadow         
          stretches over woods and plains.                               
   82     EXT RIVER EAST SIDE - COVE - DAY                               
                    There he is!                                         
          Richard makes his teeth rattle with terror.                    
                    There he is!                                         
                    Here is his shadow!                                  
   83     INT BENJAMIN’S HOUSE - DINING ROOM - DAY                       
          Benjamin and Philine face each other. They are dressed in      
          a simple but clean and dignified manner. Philine is            
          buttoning a heavy jacket; she puts on a shawl, then her        
          Benjamin holds with his hands a wicker basket with two         
          handles: the dog of onyx, three cauliflowers, three            
          artichokes and three purple onions, are inside.                
                    Here is your basket, Philine.                        
                    Inside you find...                                   
          Benjamin looks in the basket, pointing with his head.          
                              BENJAMIN (CONT’D)                          
                    Stanny, three cauliflowers...                        
                    three artichokes and three purple                    
                    onion. And your lunch.                               
          Philine covers the basket with a cloth.                        
                    Fresh vegetables... it will weigh                    
                    a ton...                                             
   84     INT/EXT BENJAMIN’S HOUSE - DAY                                 
          Philine crosses the door while she raises the basket on        
          her head with difficulty. Benjamin keeps the door open.        
          Philine walks on the path, with the basket on his head. In     
          the doorway Benjamin looks at her with his hands on his        
   85     EXT RIVER EAST SIDE - HILL - DAY                               
          Philine comes down the hill; she carries the basket on her     
          head hardly, through the brush and the clearing.               
                              BENJAMIN (OFF)                             
                    Take them to the River and wait                      
                    for noon.                                            
          Bright and drowsy, Severus advances placidly, in the tall      
                              BENJAMIN (OFF)                             
                    At noon, go with Severus on the                      
                    other side...                                        
   86     EXT RIVER WEST SIDE - LILY’S GARDEN - DAY                      
          Lily is standing in a Garden similar to the Garden of          
          Villa Barberini in Castel Gandolfo. Her mature gaze is         
          absorbed towards the infinite. She wears a princely dress      
          in which white dominates. She has long blonde hair ringed      
          and softly intertwined with ribbons and flowers, moved by      
          a light breeze.                                                
                              BENJAMIN (OFF)                             
                    Visit Beautiful Lily. Tell her                       
                    that her extrication is next!                        
   87     EXT RIVER EAST SIDE - PLAIN - DAY                              
          Philine walks through the East Plain, which slopes down to     
          the river. The sun is very low and shines brightly on the      
          water. She suddenly stops: Giant’s very long shadow            
          through the East Plain, approaching the River.                 
          Philine looks around for an escape route. The Giant sees       
          her. He stretches his hands until their shadow reaches the     
          basket. The hands shadow easily moves the cloth and with       
          two nails it steals a cauliflower, an artichoke and a          
          purple onion.                                                  
          The Giant brings the three vegetables to the mouth and         
          swallows them. Philine is powerless. The Giant carries on      
          advancing towards the River. Philine, without stopping to      
          look at him, keeps on to approach the River.                   
   88     EXT RIVER EAST SIDE - COVE - DAY                               
          The shadow of Giant’s head reaches and exceeds the Eastern     
          Cove, covering John and Richard, who jump over the shadow      
          of his nape.                                                   
   89     EXT RIVER EAST SIDE - DAY                                      
          As the Giant advances in the East Plain, his shadow begins     
          to slide on the water. Richard and John’s flames are           
          floating on the shadow that slides over the water. The         
          wills-o’-wisp are motionless, almost breathless.               
   90     EXT RIVER EAST SIDE - PIER - DAY                               
          Philine arrives at the Eastern Pier, puts the basket           
          hardly on the ground and sits on a boulder. She sighs          
          causes fatigue and distrust.                                   
   91     EXT RIVER EAST SIDE - PIER - BOAT - DAY                        
          Philine is still sitting. Argus’ boat arrives. Argus is        
          standing and rows. Cullen is standing next to him; he          
          wears high-quality knight clothes, a breastplate pectoral      
          and a purple cloak. A full basket is on the bottom of the      
          boat, it is covered with a cloth.                              
          Philine gets up. The boat approaches the Eastern Pier.         
          Argus moors it. Cullen hops nimbly off the boat and holds      
          his hand to his forehead with a brief nod of greeting to       
          Argus. He bows quickly to Philine and walks off along the      
          Argus comes down from the boat. Philine is curious and         
          looks down at Cullen stepping away, then she turns to          
          Argus. Cullen in the distance paces back and forth on the      
          shore, gives some small kicks, as if he wanders aimlessly.     
   92     EXT RIVER EAST SIDE - PIER - DAY                               
                    What do you bring, Madame                            
          Philine lifts the cloth inside the basket.                     
                    These are the vegetables the two                     
                    wills-o’-wisp owe to you, Messer                     
          Argus looks inside the basket. He gets dark and raises his     
                    I cannot accept them.                                
                    Please, Messer Argus... Now I                        
                    cannot go home to get others of                      
                    them!... The basket with the                         
                    fresh vegetables is very heavy                       
                    for me... Take them, otherwise                       
                    I’ll not be able to keep on                          
                    carrying it the entire way!                          
                    It’s out of my hands, Madame                         
                    Philine!... You don’t understand!                    
                    I cannot touch anything for nine                     
                    hours anyway!                                        
           Philine looks at him without understanding.                   
                              ARGUS (CONT’D)                             
                    Nine hours after the crossing                        
                    I’ve to pay the River... And I’m                     
                    already late... Only later I can                     
                    take my part... that is, two                         
                    thirds... A third pertains to the                    
                    River... Do you understand?  But                     
                    there is still a possibility,                        
                    Madame Philine. If you guarantee                     
                    the River, and recognize you are                     
                    still in debt for a cauliflower,                     
                    an artichoke and a purple                            
                    onion... then I’ll take the six                      
                    vegetables... But there is some                      
          Philine looks at him in astonishment.                          
                              ARGUS (CONT’D)                             
                    But if you keep your word, you                       
                    are not in any danger...                             
                    You must introduce your hand into                    
                    the River... and promise you’ll                      
                    pay the debt within twenty-four                      
          Philine kneels on the pier and leans over to the water.        
          Argus kneels beside her. Philine pulls back her right          
          sleeve, a little; slowly she plunges her hand.                 
   93     EXT RIVER EAST SIDE - SHORE - DAY                              
          Cullen is sitting on an upturned trunk and stares at the       
          water absently.                                                
   94     EXT RIVER EAST SIDE - PIER - DAY                               
          Philine, with her hand immersed in the water, looks at         
          Argus and utters the promise.                                  
                    I promise to pay the debt... of                      
                    the two gentlemen...                                 
          Argus immediately widens his eyes and his mouth, to stop       
                              PHILINE (CONT’D)                           
                    No! of Argus the ferryman...                         
                    within twenty-four hours.                            
          Argus approves with the head. Philine pulls his hand out       
          of the water and SCREAMS. The hand has turned black, like      
          burned. Argus looks at Philine a little guiltily, as           
                    WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME?!!                          
                    Don’t worry, Madame Philine...                       
                    My hand!! Just the hands, which                      
                    are the most beautiful thing I                       
                    In the end it will get well!...                      
   95     EXT RIVER EAST SIDE - PIER - DAY - NEXT                        
          Philine gets up and is furious; even Argus gets up and is      
          embarrassed. She is terrified while looking at her hand.       
                    I worked the land for a                              
                    lifetime!... But I’ve always been                    
                    careful to keep my hands white,                      
                    pretty... since I was a child!...                    
          Philine moves her hands in front of herself, turns them        
          gracefully, observes them and at the same time shows them      
          to Argus. Then she suddenly conceals her blackened right       
          hand behind her back.                                          
                    Madame Philine...                                    
                    Ah! It has even reduced! This is                     
                    even worse!...                                       
          Philine looks at her hands close to each other.                
                              PHILINE (CONT’D)                           
                    It’s smaller than the other one!                     
                    It seems, it seems, but only for                     
                    now!... I assure you it will                         
                    return as before, Madame Philine,                    
                    as soon as you keep your word!...                    
                    But if you don’t give the River                      
                    what you have promised, the hand                     
                    will shrink little by little...                      
                    and at the end it will disappear                     
          Philine SCREAMS.                                               
                              ARGUS (CONT’D)                             
                    But you’ll still use it: is that,                    
                    nobody will see it!...                               
                    I would rather not be able to use                    
                    it, Messer Argus, but having it                      
                    like everyone else! but it does                      
                    not matter! I will keep my word,                     
                    I will get rid of this burned                        
                    skin, and this distress!                             
   96     EXT RIVER EAST SIDE - PIER - DAY - LATER                       
          Argus hands Philine the basket with only the onyx dog          
          inside. An annoyed Philine covers the dog with a cloth.        
          Philine raises the basket very easily and places it on his     
          head; the basket hovers a few inches above Philine’s head,     
   97     EXT RIVER EAST SIDE - SHORE - DAY                              
          Philine, with the basket on her head, turns from the pier      
          towards the beach, for where Cullen had headed. Cullen, in     
          the distance, looks at the river. Philine pulls her skirt      
          up a little with both hands and hurries to reach him.          
          In the background Argus enters the boat and stretches to       
          remove the mooring. Philine reaches Cullen, who looks very     
          sad, and joins him. In the background, Argus moves away        
          from the pier with his boat.                                   
                    Hail, thou noble youth.                              
                    Don’t ask me to speak, tell me to                    
                    be silent. My secret is my duty.                     
                    Passion brings pain...                               
                    Allow me to introduce myself...                      
                    I’m Madame Philine, Gamekeeper’s                     
                    wife. And you... what’s your                         
                    I would like to unveil my whole                      
                    soul, but it’s fate I cannot.                        
          Philine takes a breath to answer, but Cullen continues:        
                              CULLEN (CONT’D)                            
                    Who will appease my oppressed                        
                    heart, which has lost too much?                      
                    Oh... eh... are you a prince?                        
                    Everyone quietens in friendly                        
                    arms, but an oath seals my lips.                     
                    Yes, I am a prince.                                  
   98     EXT RIVER EAST SIDE - SHORE - ALONG THE BANK - DAY             
          Philine walks along the bank, followed by Cullen, who          
          pulls up beside her. Cullen walks very slowly: Philine         
          increases and slows down, to stay close to him.                
                    And from which kingdom?                              
                    Know’st thou the land where                          
                    lemon-trees do bloom, and oranges                    
                    like gold in leafy gloom?                            
                    But what’s the king your father’s                    
                    He is gone...                                        
                    Oh, I’m sorry... And the queen                       
                    your mother?...                                      
                    She is gone too...                                   
          Philine is piqued while looks at him.                          
                    You walk too slowly for me, sir.                     
                    I cannot waste a moment. I’ve to                     
                    cross the Rumon River on the back                    
                    of the Green Snake and hand over                     
                    my husband’s precious gift to                        
                    Beautiful Lily.                                      
   99     EXT RIVER EAST SIDE - SHORE - DAY                              
          Philine hurries the pace. Cullen shakes himself and            
          immediately reaches her, putting himself at her pace.          
                         (very interesting)                              
                    Are you going to Beautiful Lily!?                    
                    So we do the same way! What gift                     
                    do you bring??                                       
          Philine stops in amazement and looks at him, then she          
          starts walking quickly, without looking at him.                
                    My lord... it’s not right! You’ve                    
                    evaded all my questions, and                         
                    Forgive me, Madame Philine! I’m                      
                    so rich, but my feeling for her                      
                    devours everything! I’m so rich,                     
                    and without her everything                           
                    becomes nothing!...                                  
                    I see you’re very interested in                      
                    my secrets!                                          
                    Oh, I didn’t mean to offend you,                     
                    kind peasant!                                        
          An exasperated Philine stops and looks at him.                 
                              CULLEN (CONT’D)                            
                    Sometimes I think, if I could                        
                    only once but once, press her to                     
                    my heart...                                          
          Philine resumes walking, less hastily.                         
                    If you want to make an exchange,                     
                    prince, tell me about your                           
                    affairs, and I will not hide you                     
                    about me and my husband’s gift.                      
                    First, tell me about the gift...                     
   100    EXT RIVER EAST SIDE - SHORE - DAY - NEXT                       
          Philine stops, takes the basket and shows it to Cullen.        
          Cullen raises the cloth and sees the onyx dog                  
                    It was our pet... Stanny...                          
          Cullen takes the onyx dog from the basket and turns it         
          over in his hands.                                             
                              PHILINE (CONT’D)                           
                    It died while eating gold                            
                    coins... But my husband has a                        
                    miraculous lamp that turns dead                      
                    animals into precious stones...                      
          An in real amazement Cullen looks at her. Then he looks at     
          the onyx dog. He tightens it to his chest.                     
                    Happy animal... You’ll be touched                    
                    by her hands... she’ll give you                      
                    life, while the living, in front                     
                    of her, flee... not to know a sad                    
          Cullen puts the onyx dog in the basket and covers it with      
          the cloth. Philine puts the basket on her head. The basket     
          hovers a few inches. The two resume their walking.             
                              CULLEN (CONT’D)                            
                    Well, why do I say sad?... It’s                      
                    more distressing and anguished                       
                    being paralyzed by her                               
                    presence... than dying by her                        
          Cullen stops, and Philine even stops.                          
                              CULLEN (CONT’D)                            
                    Look at me, Madame Philine! what                     
                    a poor condition I’m forced to                       
          A perplexed Philine looks at him.                              
                              CULLEN (CONT’D)                            
                    A prince should not reflect the                      
                    rays of an extraneous reason; he                     
                    should shine with his own light,                     
                    like a star...                                       
          Philine opens her mouth to say something, but closes it        
          because she is even more perplexed. Cullen puts his hand       
          on his armor.                                                  
                              CULLEN (CONT’D)                            
                    This armour, which I have borne                      
                    with glory in the broil of the                       
                    battle, has been converted by                        
                    Fate into an unceasing burden...                     
          Cullen grabs a piece of his cloak.                             
                              CULLEN (CONT’D)                            
                    This purple, which I have earned                     
                    by the wisdom of my government,                      
                    has been converted by Fate into                      
                    an empty honour!...                                  
          Philine looks at him with compassion. Cullen resumed           
          walking with his head bowed, followed by Philine.              
                              CULLEN (CONT’D)                            
                    Crown, sceptre and sword are                         
                    worthless... I am now as naked                       
                    and destitute as every other son                     
                    of clay...                                           
                    Did you miss them during the                         
                    I have traveled a long time                          
                    looking for help, ultimately. For                    
                    alliances, potions, solutions...                     
                    For such is the spell of her                         
                    beautiful blue eyes... that they                     
                    waste the vigour of every living                     
                    creature... One look is enough,                      
                    and every man feels reduced to                       
                    the condition of breathing                           
                    shadows... Those whom the contact                    
                    of her hand does not destroy, of                     
          Cullen and Philine notice something and thus they stop;        
          they are very amazed as they look ahead.                       
                              CULLEN (CONT’D)(OS)                        
   101    EXT RIVER EAST SIDE - PEDESTRIAN BRIDGE - DAY                  
          A single-arched green Pedestrian Bridge shines in the          
          midday. It has no balustrade. The stones of the Bridge are     
          cut regularly, but they are precious and of all shades of      
          green. Cullen looks at Philine.                                
                    Can we dare to pass over it?...                      
          Cullen and Philine, with the basket suspended on her head,     
          walk on the Pedestrian Bridge.                                 
                    How is it possible?...                               
                    The Bridge was sufficiently                          
                    beautiful before, when it                            
                    stretched before our eyes, with                      
                    its decorations, as if it were                       
                    made of jasper and prasio and                        
          Cullen kneels and caresses the smooth, shiny bridge            
          surface, enchanted.                                            
                              CULLEN (CONT’D)                            
                    Now it looks of emerald,                             
                    chrysoprase and chrysolite...                        
                    combined together in the most                        
                    enchanting variety...                                
   102    EXT RIVER WEST SIDE - PEDESTRIAN BRIDGE - DAY                  
          Cullen and Philine reach the west bank. They make their        
          way to a path. Behind them, the whole arch begins to           
          oscillate and tremble, to sway from side to side, and          
          gradually it sinks to the level of the water. At last it       
          retreats to the ground, until it resumes the appearance of     
          Severus, his accustomed luminous shape.                        
   103    EXT RIVER WEST SIDE - SHORE - DAY                              
          Brigh Severus follows the Cullen and Philine to the shore.     
          Cullen and Philine hear his SWISH, stop and turn.              
                    Oh... He’s Severus!                                  
                         (to Severus)                                    
                    Thank for your condescension in                      
                              PHILINE (FOLLOW)                           
                    allowing us a passage on your                        
                    back across the stream, Severus!                     
                         (to Cullen, joyfully)                           
                    You’re back, Prince Cullen!                          
          Philine turns to Cullen, widens her eyes and almost holds      
          her breath.                                                    
                    There are evidently more persons                     
                    present than are actually                            
   104    EXT RIVER WEST SIDE - SHORE - DAY - NEXT                       
          We hear a LIGHT WHISPERING. Severus turns and answers with     
          a similar SOUND. Cullen and Philine sharpen the eye.           
          Richard and John appear from the glare of the sun next to      
          a very bright Severus, while they are very blurred.            
                    Hello, Cousin Severus. It’s a                        
                    pleasure to find you again. We’ve                    
                    crossed the river on the shadow                      
                    of the Great Giant’s nape. Right,                    
                    A singular experience, to be                         
                    From the top we have seen                            
                    Beautiful Lily’s palace and                          
          At that name Cullen’s eyes sparkle.                            
                    ...but we will first make an                         
                    incognito ride... Right, John?                       
                    Yes sir, we will, in the great                       
                    We beg you to introduce us to                        
                    such perfect beauty when the                         
                    shadows of evening fall, Cousin                      
                    ...As soon as we are somehow                         
                    presentable. Right, Richard?                         
                    You will find us on the bank of                      
                    the great lake.                                      
                    All right, cousins!                                  
          Richard and John flit away quickly. A HISSING SOUND dies       
          away in the air.                                               
   105    EXT RIVER WEST SIDE - PATH - DAY                               
          Cullen, Philine and Severus resume their walking.              
                    Have you already been in the                         
                    Beautiful Lily’s Garden, Severus?                    
                    I know the house, its porch with                     
                    pillars tall. The rooms do                           
                    glitter, glitters bright the                         
                    The whole ensemble let’s we see                      
                    it as the fruit of a serene and                      
                    cheerful mood.                                       
                    Imagination cannot pose demands,                     
                    it must wait for what is given to                    
                    Yes it cannot, buta Beautiful                        
                    Lily doesn’t make plans, doesn’t                     
                    set a course.                                        
                    It’s true. They are her own wings                    
                    to hold her, to guide her.                           
   106    EXT RIVER WEST SIDE - PATH - DAY - NEXT                        
          We see from behind Severus, Cullen and Philine, on the         
          path. Severus’ light palpitates. We hear their voices in       
          the distance.                                                  
                    We have to decide with what                          
                    regard to precedence we should                       
                    appear before Beautiful Lily...                      
                    Her visitors don’t have to be                        
                    never so numerous, they must                         
                    enter and depart singly...                           
                    If they wished to escape bitter                      
   107    EXT RIVER WEST SIDE - LILY’S GARDEN - DAY                      
          In the full sun of noon you see all the splendid Lily’s        
          Garden, then in particular an artificial approx. 10x5m         
          lake, with paved edge, surrounded by trees and bushes. A       
          slight BREEZE ripples the water and moves the fronds.          
          A vast paved terrace opens on one of the smaller edges, in     
          the shade of a large tree. In the center, a precious but       
          simple rounded in white cast-iron table; on the                
          tablecloth, the leftovers of the dinner set for four.          
          TWO PAGES in refined clothes clear the table. One of them      
          gradually puts the crockery into a well-made trunk, with       
          lots of straw, on a low cart attached to a pony.               
          The other one sets the table again, with cups, jugs and        
          trays with in medieval-style food, fruit, nuts, etc. The       
          two pages approach the two sides of the pony and gently        
          guide it through a secondary path, and leave the scene.        
          Not far from the table, we see a two-seater in lightweight     
          white wood sofa, with some cushions. Lily is seated on the     
          sofa beneath the shade of trees and PLAYS A SMALL HARP.        
          Three maids in medieval pastel colors clothes, in a very       
          relaxed attitude, are sitting on comfortable chairs with       
          armrests and white wood sofas. They have in their hands,       
          or near them, cushions, flowers, fans, small musical           
          instruments, a small parasol of white lace, all of value.      
          The FIRST MAID, 40, a lean mature beauty, dresses with         
          shades of red. Her black streaked with gray hair is            
          gathered in a soft chignon, and she have big dark bistred      
          The SECOND MAID, 30, dresses with shades of blue. She has      
          brown hair gathered in two braids rolled up on the sides       
          of the head, intertwined with ribbons.                         
          The THIRD MAID, 20, dresses with shades of green. She has      
          a cascade of red curls on her shoulders, and her skin is       
          very white.                                                    
          The opposite side of the pond is bordered by a one meter       
          high regularly cut hedge, which ends up on both sides in       
          the distance. A Flowers Arch opens at the center of the        
          Philine comes from behind the hedge. She crosses               
          composedly and slowly the Flowers Arch, with the basket        
          under her arm. The right hand is hidden by a shawl.            
   108    EXT LILY’S GARDEN - TERRACE - SOFA - DAY                       
          Lily PLAY THE HARP while staring at Philine. The SWEET         
          TONES show themselves first in the form of circles upon        
          the bosom of the calm lake; and then, like a soft breeze,      
          they impart motion to the grass and to the tremulous           
          Philine advance toward Lily with rapture. She walks calmly     
          alongside the fountain and arrives in front of her. Lily,      
          with her eyes down, stops playing. Without moving her          
          head, Lily only raises her eyes to Philine. Philine bows       
          briefly without stopping to look at Lily.                      
                    What joy to be in your presence,                     
                    Beautiful Lily! What a heaven                        
                    surrounds you! Since our last                        
                    meeting, you had become more                         
                    beautiful than ever.                                 
          So saying, Philine approached nearer. Beautiful Lily           
          raised her eyes and let her hands drop.                        
                    Do not distress me with your                         
                    untimely praise, peasant. It                         
                    makes me feel even more unhappy.                     
                    And see!                                             
          Lily points to the ground with a look. At the feet of Lily     
          lies a dead canary.                                            
                              LILY (CONT’D)                              
                    Here is my beautiful canary dead                     
                    at my feet, which used to                            
                    accompany my songs so sweetly.                       
          Lily’s eyes rise up to Philine again.                          
                              LILY (CONT’D)                              
                    He was accustomed to sit upon my                     
                    harp. I had carefully instructed                     
                    it to avoid my touch... This                         
                    morning, after I refreshed by                        
                    sleep, I tuned a pleasant melody.                    
                    The little warbler sang with                         
                    increased harmony...                                 
          The Second Maid relieves her of the harp and puts it down      
          on the sofa. Lily leans forward and raises her gaze            
                              LILY (CONT’D)                              
                    ...when suddenly a hawk soared                       
                    above us!                                            
          A hawk SCREECHES across the sky.                               
                              LILY (CONT’D)                              
                    My little bird sought refuge in                      
                    my bosom...                                          
          Lily sadly lowers her head. She lies back on the cushions.     
                              LILY (CONT’D)                              
                    ...and at that instant I felt the                    
                    last gasp of his expiring                            
                    breath... my darling is dead, and                    
                    its grave will but add to the                        
                    number of the weeping willows in                     
                    my garden...                                         
   109    EXT LILY’S GARDEN - TERRACE - SOFA - DAY - NEXT                
          Philine looks at the dead canary and its mistress              
          compassionately and wipes away a tear.                         
                    Take courage, Beautiful Lily!...                     
                    and learn from my experience to                      
                    moderate your grief. Great                           
                    misfortune is often the harbinger                    
                    of intense joy. For the time                         
                    approaches but in truth the web                      
                    of life is of a mingled yarn. It                     
                    is the time!                                         
          Lily raises her eyebrows and looks at her with skepticism.     
                    Only those who know nostalgia                        
                    know what my pain is. That who                       
                    love me is far away... and I                         
                    blaze inside.                                        
                         (uncomfortable pause)                           
                    Really in this world all sorts of                    
                    tricks happen...                                     
   110    EXT LILY’S GARDEN - TERRACE - DAY                              
          Philine pulls out her right hand from under the shawl.         
                              PHILINE (CONT’D)                           
                    See my hand, how black it has                        
          The Three Maids get up and surround Philine by looking at      
          her hand.                                                      
                              PHILINE (CONT’D)                           
                         (to herself)                                    
                    It has become much diminished in                     
                    size!... I must be speedy, before                    
                    it be reduced to nothing!                            
                         (to the First Maid)                             
                    Oh, why did I promise favours to                     
                    the Will-o’-the-wisps?...                            
          The First Maid looks at her with understanding.                
                              PHILINE (CONT’D)                           
                         (to the Second Maid)                            
                    Why did I meet the Great                             
          The Second Maid looks at her with understanding.               
                              PHILINE (CONT’D)                           
                         (to the Third Maid)                             
                    Why did I dip my hand into the                       
                    Rumon River?...                                      
          The Third Maid looks at her with pity.                         
   111    EXT LILY’S GARDEN - TERRACE - SOFA - DAY                       
                              PHILINE (CONT’D)                           
                         (to Lily)                                       
                    Oh, Beautiful Lily, can you give                     
                    me a cauliflower, an artichoke                       
                    and a purple onion?...                               
          Lily’s eyes widen in surprise.                                 
                              PHILINE (CONT’D)                           
                    I shall take them to the river,                      
                    and then my hand will become so                      
                    white!... that it will almost                        
                    equal the lustre of your own!                        
                    Cauliflowers and onions abound.                      
                    But artichokes cannot be                             
   112    EXT LILY’S GARDEN - OUTER PERIMETER - DAY                      
          We see a long privet row. It is an outer perimeter: a two      
          meters wide dirt track runs along it. Cullen is seated on      
          a lonely stone bench. Bright Severus is curled up at his       
          feet, his head slightly above the height of Cullen’s           
                    Pain and torment meander into my                     
                    lonely soul day and night. Like a                    
                    lover who is slowly approaching                      
                    his belle, listening, to see if                      
                    she is alone.                                        
   113    EXT LILY’S GARDEN - ROWS/SOFA - DAY                            
          Lily gets up and approaches the rows of trees and bushes,      
          which form three sides of a 6x6m square, behind the sofa.      
          The Second Maid takes the parasol. The Three Maids             
          approach Lily. The Second Maid opens the parasol and holds     
          it on Lily’s head. All four coast the plants.                  
                    My garden produces neither                           
                    flowers nor fruit. But if I break                    
                    a twig...                                            
          Lily breaks a twig and turns to show it to Philine, who        
          has remained in place a few meters away.                       
                              LILY (CONT’D)                              
                    ...and I plant it upon the grave                     
                    of anything I love... bursts into                    
                    leaf at once... and grows a                          
                    goodly tree.                                         
          Lily points to the rows of trees with her hand.                
                              LILY (CONT’D)                              
                    Thus, beneath my eye, alas, have                     
                    grown these clustering trees and                     
          Lily walks beside the trees, pointing to them with her         
          hand, followed by the Three Maids.                             
                              LILY (CONT’D)                              
                    These tall pines... these                            
                    shadowing cypresses... these                         
                    mighty oaks, these overhanging                       
          While Lily speaks, Philine is employed in watching own         
          hand, which becomes every instant of a darker hue, and         
          grows gradually less.                                          
                              LILY (CONT’D)                              
                    ...Were once small twigs planted                     
                    by my hand... as sad memorials...                    
                         (to Philine)                                    
                    in an ungenial soil...                               
          Lily gets closer to the sofa again.                            
                              LILY (CONT’D)                              
                    I’m caught in these torments with                    
                    a part of guilt: may a god grants                    
                    me to express what I suffer in                       
   114    EXT LILY’S GARDEN - TERRACE - DAY                              
          Lily is standing in front of Philine. The Three Maids          
          remain close to her, standing. Philine is about to take        
          her basket and depart, when she swallows, having forgotten     
          the most important of her duties. She raises the cloth         
          inside the basket and shows Lily the onyx dog.                 
                    My husband sends you this                            
                    present... It’s our pet,                             
                    Stanny... You know that your                         
                    touch can impart life to this                        
                    precious stone...                                    
          Philine takes the onyx dog in her arms, and lays it upon       
          the grass, not far from Lily.                                  
                              PHILINE (CONT’D)                           
                    Stanny is a good and faithful                        
                    animal: it will be a joy to you.                     
                    The grief its loss causes me will                    
                    be alleviated by the thought that                    
                    it is yours, Beautiful Lily.                         
          Lily looks at the pretty creature with delight, and            
          rapture beams from her eyes.                                   
                    On this day... sad, like all the                     
                    others... many things combine to                     
                    inspire me with hope...                              
                         (to herself)                                    
                    But is it not a delusion of our                      
          Lily bends to caress the onyx dog.                             
                              LILY (CONT’D)                              
                    ... to expect that joy is near                       
                    when grief is at the worst?...                       
          Lily sits down and picks up the harp again. The Three          
          Maids sit on other chairs, Philine remains standing. Lily      
          SOUNDS and sings.                                              
                              LILY (SINGING)                             
                    Ah! what avail these omens all so                    
   115    EXT/INT ALTERNATE - DAY                                        
          As Lily sings OFF SCREEN, you can see:                         
          1. the flowing river;                                          
          2. Benjamin’s house from outside and inside; Benjamin is       
          in the vegetable garden and hoes;                              
          3. the Temple immersed in the half-light;                      
          4. Cullen sitting on a stone bench outside the Lily’s          
          5. the Argus’ hut, from outside and inside                     
          6. the Argus boat docked at the west bank dock; Argus is       
          sitting in the boat and fishing with a rudimentary fishing     
          7. all the landscape from above.                               
                              LILY (CONT’D SINGING)(OFF)                 
                    ...My sweet bird’s death, my                         
                    friend’s hands blackly dyed? And                     
                    the little dog transformed into a                    
                    jewel rare? Sent by the Magic                        
                    Lamp to guide our faltering                          
                    steps. Far from mankind and every                    
                    joy I prize, to grief and sorrow                     
                    I am still allied. When from the                     
                    river will the temple rise? When                     
                    will the bridge span it from side                    
                    to side?                                             
   116    EXT LILY’S GARDEN - TERRACE - SOFA - DAY                       
          Lily ARPEGGIATES the last notes.                               
                              FIRST MAID                                 
                    How poignant is the voice of the                     
                    poet who sings, to escape death.                     
                    I sing as the canary sings among                     
                    the branches. My reward is the                       
                    song that breaks out from the                        
          Philine turns his head around with impatience and              
          apprehension. We hear a SWISH in the grass; Lily and           
          Philine get stuck, then all five women look where the          
          rustling comes from.                                           
          Lily just turns her eyes, without moving her head. Bright      
          Severus appears crawling and raises his head towards Lily.     
                    The prophecy of the bridge is                        
                    fulfilled, Beautiful Lily! Madame                    
                    Philine will bear witness how                        
                    splendidly the arch now appears!                     
                    Formerly of untransparent jasper,                    
                    which only reflected the light                       
                    upon the sides, it is now                            
                    converted into precious jewels of                    
                    transparent hue. No beryl is so                      
                    bright, and no emerald so                            
                    I congratulate you for this,                         
                    snake Severus. But, forgive me...                    
                    I doubt whether the prediction is                    
                    fulfilled. Only foot-passengers                      
                    can as yet cross the arch of your                    
                    bridge; and it has been foretold                     
                    that horses and carriages,                           
                    travellers of all descriptions,                      
                    shall pass and repass in mingled                     
          Philine’s eyes are fixed immovably upon her hand               
                              LILY (CONT’D)(OS)                          
                    Does not the prophecy speak of                       
                    mighty pillars which are to                          
                    ascend from the Rumon River?...                      
   117    EXT LILY’S GARDEN - TERRACE - DAY                              
          Philine gives a little bow.                                    
                    With your permission, Beautiful                      
                    Lily, allow me to bid farewell.                      
          Lily gets up immediately. Even the Three Maids get up.         
                    Wait for a moment, Philine!...                       
                    take my poor canary-bird with                        
                    you! Implore the Magic Lamp to                       
                    convert it into a topaz. I will                      
                    then reanimate him with my touch.                    
                    It and your good Stanny will then                    
                    be my greatest consolation.                          
          Lily kneels and takes the dead canary in her hands. She        
          looks up at Philine and begs her.                              
                              LILY (CONT’D)                              
                    But make what speed you can! for                     
                    with sunset decay will have                          
                    commenced its withering                              
                    influence... marring the beauty                      
                    of its delicate form.                                
          Philine and the Third Maid crouch beside Lily. The Third       
          Maid puts some large leaves on the bottom of the basket.       
          Philine gently takes the dead canary from Lily’s hands and     
          envelopes the little corpse in some soft young leaves,         
          places it in the basket, then covers it with the cloth.        
          Lily, Philine and the Third Maid get up. Philine takes the     
          basket under her arm, briefly bows to Lily and hastens         
          from the spot towards the Flowers Arch.                        
   118    EXT RIVER WEST SIDE - PATH - DAY                               
          Philine walks along the path.                                  
   119    EXT RIVER WEST SIDE - FARM - DAY                               
          A small farm stands in the middle of the western plain.        
          From a secondary path Philine arrives and walks to the         
          door. Philine’s left hand beats on the door. The FARMER        
          TYRION opens the door, has a pipe in his mouth.                
                    Ah Madame Philine!... Come in,                       
                    come in...                                           
          Philine gets through the front door.                           
   120    INT FARM - DINING ROOM - DAY                                   
          The farmer and Philine are standing in the dining room.        
                    What can I do for you? You look a                    
                    little downcast...                                   
                    Oh, I’m just hungry... I didn’t                      
                    have lunch...                                        
                    Ah but why didn’t you say that                       
                    right away!...                                       
          The farmer approaches the table and moves a chair away.        
                              TYRION (CONT’D)                            
                    Please, please, sit.                                 
          Philine puts the basket on a chest and sits satisfied. She     
          waits with her arms on the table, the shawl over her black     
                    And how are you, Messer Tyrion?                      
          Tyrion takes a plate from a shelf. He raises the lid of a      
          large pot hanging in the fireplace, over the extinguished      
          embers, and places it on a wall.                               
                    Who longs in solitude to live,                       
                    soon his wish will gain. Men hope                    
                    and love, get and give, and leave                    
                    him to his pain.                                     
          He takes a ladle hung on the wall, with which he takes a       
          large piece of meat from the pot, along with some sauce,       
          which he puts in her plate.                                    
                              TYRION (CONT’D)                            
                    I just advanced a nice piece of                      
                    rabbit from lunch... eh eh eh...                     
                    It’s still lukewarm!                                 
          Tyrion puts the plate in front of Philine, who rolls up        
          her sleeves, takes the meat with two hands and bites           
   121    EXT LILY’S GARDEN - TERRACE - SOFA - DAY                       
                         (to Lily)                                       
                    Despite what you say, the temple                     
                    is built, Beautiful Lily. I saw                      
                    with my own eyes.                                    
          Lily sits regally on her sofa. The Three Maids sit down        
                    But it does not yet stand upon                       
                    the river, Severus.                                  
                    It’s true, it rests still in the                     
                    bowels of the earth; but I have                      
                    seen the Four Kings, and spoken                      
                    to them.                                             
                    And when will they awake!? I’m                       
                    here alone, divided by every joy!                    
                    I look at the stars...                               
                    I heard the mighty voice resound                     
                    through the temple: IT IS THE                        
                    Oh, it’s already the second time,                    
                    today, that I hear these happy                       
                    words! When will the day come                        
                    when I will hear them for the                        
                    third time?...                                       
   122    EXT LILY’S GARDEN - TERRACE - DAY                              
          Lily gets up. The Three Maids get up too. Lily approaches      
          the onyx pet, left on the ground. She looks at it and          
          smiles pleasantly. She leans elegantly over it and with        
          her right touches it lightly.                                  
          The pet instantly leaps up; its appearance is slightly         
          zombie. Lily surveys the pet with a look of pleasure.          
          Stanny Zombie looks round joyously, hastens to his             
          benefactress and caresses her tenderly.                        
          Bright Severus bends his head and slithers away cautiously     
          a few meters. He disappears in the grass. Lily takes           
          Stanny Z. in her arms and presses it to her bosom..            
                    You are so cold... endued with                       
                    only half a life...                                  
          Stanny Z. cuddles her and yelps happily. She hugs and          
          caresses it.                                                   
                              LILY (CONT’D)                              
                    Yet you are welcome to me, little                    
                    Stanny... I will love you                            
                    fondly... play with you                              
                    sportively... kiss you softly...                     
                    and press you to my heart!                           
          Lily puts Stanny Z. on the ground. She lets it go a little     
          from her, calls it back, chases it away again, and plays       
          with it joyously and innocently.                               
                              LILY (CONT’D)                              
                    Come on here! Come on!...                            
          Lily swivels on the grass while Stanny Z. chases her. She      
          laughs. The Three Maids run around with Lily and laugh.        
          They all call Stanny; Stanny Z. runs and barks happily         
          from one to the other.                                         
                    FIRST MAID                       SECOND MAID         
          Stanny!...                       Stanny!...                    
                    THIRD MAID                       LILY                
          Stanny!...                       Stanny!...                    
   123    INT FARM - DAY                                                 
          We see the empty plate and the black hand, with a piece of     
          bread, which finisches cleaning it. Philine gulps down the     
          piece of bread. On the table we also see two glasses and a     
          bottle of wine. Tyrion is sitting in front of Philine.         
                    Thank you, Messer Tyrion... Just                     
                    what I needed!                                       
                    And now do you want to tell me                       
                    why you came here?                                   
          Tyrion lowers his head towards Philine.                        
                              TYRION (CONT’D)                            
                    Problems with your husband, the                      
                    Gamekeeper Benjamin?... Who has                      
                    not experienced the great                            
                    advantages that dialogue                             
                    Messer Tyrion, I would like you                      
                    to take me to the other side of                      
                    the river.                                           
          Tyrion looks at her hand.                                      
                              TYRION (CONT’D)                            
                    You’ve already committed to                          
                    paying someone else’s debt... and                    
                    you haven’t done it yet.                             
                    You can stole your brother Argus’                    
                    What?! Why I should do this                          
                    I’ve to go home! I’ve a debt with                    
                    the Rumon River! But on my return                    
                    I’ll bring you enough                                
                    cauliflowers, purple onions and                      
                    artichokes to pay off both debts.                    
          An almost stunned Tyrion looks at her.                         
                    Madame Philine, haven’t you paid                     
                    the other debt yet and are even                      
                    planning to take out a second                        
                    Oh, Messer Tyrion, what a fuss!                      
                    They’re four of everything in                        
                    all, in a few hours you’ll have                      
                    what you need--                                      
                    Madame Philine, I cannot take you                    
                    anywhere, with a stolen boat! The                    
                    river would sink the boat, there                     
                    is no doubt about this!                              
          Pause. They look at each other.                                
                    Do you mean... as long as I’ll                       
                    not settle the Will-o’-the-wisps                     
                    debt, I’ll not be able to cross                      
                    the river again on your boat?...                     
                    But... also from this part of the                    
                    river you can find cauliflowers,                     
                    artichokes e purple onions...                        
          Philine gets up excitedly.                                     
                    No! I cannot! Here... it’s not                       
                    possible... there are no                             
                    artichoke nearby!                                    
                    You can still cross the river on                     
                    the Great Giant, of course it’s                      
                    more inconvenient...                                 
                    At my age on the Great Giant’s                       
                    nape?! I can not afford these ups                    
                    and downs anymore! And then... it                    
                              PHILINE (FOLLOW)                           
                    makes me genuinely disgusted!...                     
                    I, well... I can bring you even                      
                    now a hundred cauliflowers and a                     
                    hundred purple onions, and                           
                    then... from my vegetable garden,                    
                    all the artichokes you want! The                     
                    vegetable is all there, in the                       
                    vegetable garden!                                    
          Tyrion looks elsewhere with resignation.                       
                              PHILINE (CONT’D)                           
                    Noo!! Not so!... And tomorrow                        
                    morning, before noon...                              
          Philine looks at her hand in horror. She takes the basket      
          from the chest in a flash, runs to the door, throws it         
          open and runs out, leaving the door open.                      
   124    EXT LILY’S GARDEN - FLOWERS ARCH - DAY                         
          A melancholy Cullen comes from behind the hedge and goes       
          through the Flowers Arch, with a very dejected look. He        
          seems overcome by the heat of the day, and perceptibly         
          paler at the presence of his beloved. He bears the hawk        
          upon his wrist, where it sits with drooping wing as            
          tranquil as a dove. The right fist is tightly closed.          
   125    EXT LILY’S GARDEN - TERRACE/SOFA - DAY                         
          As Cullen approaches Lily, he watches her intensely and        
          breathes deeply. Lily interrupts the game and looks at         
          Cullen with love. The Three Maids stop but keep laughing.      
          Stanny Z. jumps happily from one to the other.                 
          Bright Severus appears in the grass and wriggles under and     
          behind the sofa. He raises his head a little and looks at      
          Lily and Cullen with curiosity and apprehension.               
                    Oh, Cullen!... It is not well                        
                    that you should vex my eyes with                     
                    that odious bird...                                  
                    However, while it launches itself                    
                    in flight, it traces the most                        
                    wonderful roads, which are                           
                    constantly changing and moving in                    
                    others directions.                                   
          Cullen caresses the head of the hawk with a finger. Lily       
          looks at him frowning.                                         
                    This monster has murdered my                         
                    little favourite only this day!                      
                    Don’t insult it! Don’t blame the                     
                    luckless bird, rather condemn                        
                    yourself, and fate!... Let me                        
                    find an associate in this                            
                    companion of my grief...                             
                    Cullen, beloved, so long you’ve                      
                    been all my delight and all my                       
                    singing; you are, alas, my pain                      
                    as well now, but all my singing                      
                    you still will be.                                   
                    I would have already gone far, as                    
                    far as the world is open, if the                     
                    stars, that bound my destiny to                      
                    yours, don’t overwhelm me.                           
   126    EXT LILY’S GARDEN - PLAYING WITH STANNY - DAY                  
          Stanny Z. is incessant in his caresses. Lily responds to       
          its affection with the most gentle tokens of love: claps       
          her hands to drive it away, and then sportively pursues to     
          win it back.                                                   
          Cullen looks at the scene with frowning eyes, in silence       
          and in sorrow. She catches it in her arms as it tries to       
          escape, and chases it from her when it seeks to nestle in      
          her lap.                                                       
                         (to himself)                                    
                    Frailty, thy name is woman. Where                    
                    are the hours, too soon vanished?                    
          The Three Maids participate in the game, run around and        
          laugh. They call Stanny.                                       
                    LILY                             FIRST MAID          
          Stanny!...                       Stanny!...                    
                    SECOND MAID                      THIRD MAID          
          Stanny!...                       Stanny!...                    
   127    EXT LILY’S GARDEN - TERRACE - DAY                              
          Lily stops and looks at him in amazement. The Three Maids      
          stop but keep giggling and giving each other sideways          
          looks. Stanny Z. stops and looks at Cullen, waving his         
          tail joyfully. He loses all patience, in the depth of his      
                              CULLEN (CONT’D)                            
                    So must I look on and behold that                    
                    such an against nature abortion                      
                    gains your notice--                                  
          Lily falls silent. The Three Maids are quiet now and look      
          at Cullen in awe.                                              
                    Yours are really high and strict                     
                    --wins your love, and enjoies the                    
                    paradise of your embrace!... I,                      
                    whom a sad destiny compels to                        
                    live in your presence, and yet to                    
                    be separated from you, perhaps                       
                    for ever!...                                         
          Cullen quickly raises his right arm: the hawk flies away       
                              CULLEN (CONT’D)                            
                    The taste is offended more and                       
                    more seriously...                                    
          Cullen takes a few steps, he is agitated, stops again,         
          then starts to move a few steps back and forth before          
          Lily, who is bewildered and remains still, watching him.       
                              CULLEN (CONT’D)                            
                    I for you have forfeited                             
                    everything, even my own being!...                    
                    Must I continue to wander and                        
                    measure my solitary way along the                    
                    banks of this stream?! NO!...                        
          Lily has a start of fear.                                      
                              CULLEN (CONT’D)                            
                    A spark of my former spirit still                    
                    burns within my bosom... and oh                      
                    that it will now mount into a                        
                    I bear every truth, even the one                     
                    that reduces me to nothing. But                      
                    this I require: reduce me to                         
                         (shaking her head)                              
                    even before you say it...                            
                         (with held low voice)                           
                    If your touch can kill, I’m                          
                    content to receive my death at                       
                    your hands!                                          
                         (out more loudly)                               
                    If stones may repose within your                     
                    bosom, then let me be converted                      
                    to a stone!                                          
   128    EXT LILY’S GARDEN - TERRACE - GROUND - DAY                     
          She is scared and steps back. Cullen throws himself on her     
          with open arms and makes the gesture to embrace her. She       
          extends her arms to forbid his approach, and touchs him        
          undesignedly. Cullen drops dead upon her breast.               
          Lily immediately surrounds him with her arms and tries to      
          support him; she manages to support his weight hardly. The     
          Three Maids SCREAM. The Second Maid brings her hands to        
          her mouth.                                                     
          The Third Maid turns the horrified head and raises an arm,     
          as if to defend the eyes from that sight. The First Maid       
          takes a step and extends her arms, but immediately             
          withdraws them.                                                
          Lily closes her eyes for a long moment. Slowly she kneels      
          down and places Cullen on the floor, keeping his body up       
          in her arms. She looks at him, his head is slightly            
          The Three Maids are dismayed and approach and surround the     
          couple. Lily leaves Cullen entirely on the ground and gets     
          up. She is standing motionless and gazes intently on the       
          breathless body. Her eyes are bedewed with tears.              
          Stanny Z. approaches Cullen’s body, sniffing around. It        
          lickes Cullen’s face compassionately.                          
   129    EXT LILY’S GARDEN - TERRACE - BODY CIRCLE - DAY                
          Bright Severus reaches the small group by crawling.            
                         (to Lily)                                       
                    He had left wealth and power,                        
                    adulation and splendor.                              
          Lily looks at him with a glimmer of hope. The four women       
          spread backwards the circle around Cullen and Severus.         
                              SEVERUS (CONT’D)                           
                    He thought of relying on nature,                     
                    and returning to live alone with                     
          Severus unrolls around Cullen’s body and surrounds him         
          entirely; his light palpitates.                                
                              SEVERUS (CONT’D)                           
                    But his heart here has suffered                      
                    even more the ancient torment.                       
                    This sublime world, how it vanish                    
                    the senses...                                        
          Now Cullen is completely within the perimeter formed by        
          the body of Severus, i.e. a bright oval.                       
                              SEVERUS (CONT’D)                           
                         (to Cullen)                                     
                    Are you ruler of the day? of the                     
                    joy? of the punishment?... No.                       
                    Time drags you where everyone has                    
                    to go.                                               
          Severus winds her serpentine form in a wide circle round       
          the spot where the body lies, seizes the end of hisr tail      
          between his teeth, and remains motionless.                     
   130    EXT LILY’S GARDEN - TERRACE - SOFA - DAY                       
          Lily has a hint of faint. Immediately the First and the        
          Third Maid dash to support her, but they stop and look         
          each other upset. Lily turns and, half-bent, with her          
          outstretched arm, manages to reach the sofa; sits, as          
          absent, astonished.                                            
          The Third Maid approaches, takes the harp that is on the       
          sofa and hands it to her; then she remains standing next       
          to the sofa. Even the Second Maid approaches and remains       
          standing next to them.                                         
          Lily picks up the harp and scarcely strikes the chords,        
          staring ahead with teary eye. Stanny Z. jumps in front of      
          her, then stops: it’s perplexed and crouches at her feet.      
          Once or twice Lily opens her lips to sing, but her voice       
          refuses utterance; whereupon she weeps.                        
          The harp falls from her hands. The Second Maid catches it      
          and lays it aside. The First Maid looks at Severus.            
                              FIRST MAID                                 
                    What can man wish for more, than                     
                    being allowed to connect the end                     
                    to the beginning?                                    
                              SECOND MAID                                
                    And how can this happen, if not                      
                    thanks to the persistence of                         
                    trust, love and friendship??                         
   131    EXT RIVER’S VIEW - DAY                                         
          We see, from very high up, hills, woods, clearings, Lily’s     
          Garden and the River in the middle. We hear over the           
          sobbing cry of Lily.                                           
   132    INT BENJAMIN’S HOUSE - DAY                                     
          Benjamin is sitting in his armchair. He smokes a pipe of a     
          different shape from that of Argus. Above a shelf the          
          Magic Lamp CRACKLES suddenly. The wick fires on by itself,     
          SIZZLING. Far away the hawk SCREECHES. Benjamin removes        
          his pipe and raises his head.                                  
   133    EXT SKY - DAY                                                  
          The hawk furrows the sky. A ray of the sun makes the           
          feathers of his chest shine for a moment. It SCREECHES.        
   134    EXT LILY’S GARDEN - TERRACE - SOFA - DAY                       
          Lily is sitting on the sofa, she cries silently and stares     
          blankly into distance.                                         
                              SECOND MAID                                
                    What does crying shorten?                            
                              FIRST MAID                                 
                         (looking at Lily)                               
                    The love.                                            
          Severus frees his mouth to speak.                              
                    Who will fetch the man with the                      
                    Magic Lamp, before the sun sets?                     
          The three maids look at each other. Severus takes his tail     
          into his mouth again, sadly.                                   
   135    EXT LILY’S GARDEN - TERRACE - SOFA - DAY - LATER               
          The afternoon draws to its end. Lily is sitting on the         
          sofa, her head lowered, her gaze lost blankly into             
          distance; she has a fire-red veil on her hair, pinned with     
          precious jewels. The veil is inwoven of gold thread. Gold      
          threads and jewels send luminous flashes.                      
          Stanny is crouched at his feet, its head stretched on the      
          ground. Cullen is lying on the ground, surrounded by           
          bright Severus. The Three Maids are sitting together on        
          another sofa, and they look at Lily with pity and concern.     
                              THIRD MAID                                 
                    I don’t envy her...                                  
                              SECOND MAID                                
                    Nor do I... She is a princess,                       
                    has a beautiful castle, a                            
                    beautiful park, the hunting                          
                    reserve, but...                                      
                              FIRST MAID                                 
                    Not only. Nature was a generous                      
                    mother for her. Already as a                         
                    young girl she sang like a                           
                              SECOND MAID                                
                    In vain so much beauty and so                        
                    much grace were reserved to                          
                              THIRD MAID                                 
                    Before the curse she was always                      
                    carefree, but even afterwards,                       
                    she needed only a little to have                     
                    a light soul... Now, who knows...                    
          Philine runs breathless with agitation from the Flowers        
          Arch, with the basket under his arm.                           
                         (distraught and terrified)                      
                    I’M LOST AND CRIPPLED!                               
          The First and the Second Maid get up. Stanny Z. raises its     
          head. Philine arrives in the terrace. She sees the corpse,     
          stops, widens her eyes.                                        
                              PHILINE (CONT’D)                           
                    Prince Cullen... oh!...                              
          Stanny Z. runs happily to hop next to Philine. The First       
          Maid approaches Lily’s sofa, on the right, followed by the     
          other two, who are on the sofa’s left, the Second a little     
          further back.                                                  
          Philine looks questioningly at the Three Maids and then at     
          Lily. The Three Maids look at each other ruefully. Lily is     
          sitting stiffly and stares blankly into distance and with      
          teary eye.                                                     
                              PHILINE (CONT’D)                           
                    What... what happened?!                              
          A horrified Philine lends an accusatory look to Lily.          
          Philine takes two uncertain steps toward the four women,       
          then looks at Severus, who forms the bright oval around        
          Cullen’s body. Stanny Z. hops around her.                      
                              PHILINE (CONT’D)                           
                         (to all of theme)                               
                    The ferryman will not set me                         
                    across the river, because I’m                        
                    indebted to the stream!                              
          Philine raises her arm and shows the black hand, which has     
          become a small stump.                                          
                              PHILINE (CONT’D)                           
                         (to all of theme, around)                       
                    Look! My hand is nearly withered!                    
                    In vain I’ve tempted them with a                     
                    hundred cauliflowers and a                           
                    hundred onions!                                      
          The Three Maids lower their heads. Lily continues to stare     
          blankly into distance.                                         
                              PHILINE (CONT’D)                           
                    The River... insists upon the                        
                    stipulated three vegetables, but                     
                    not an artichoke can be found in                     
                    this neighbourhood!...                               
                    Philine, forget your distress,                       
                    rather try to give your                              
                    assistance here. Perhaps you will                    
                    be helped at the same time...                        
          Philine looks at him desperately, with her arm up. Stanny      
          Z. barks and jumps to catch the raised arm.                    
                              SEVERUS (CONT’D)                           
                    Hasten as hard as you can to find                    
                    out the Will-o’-the-wisps: you                       
                    cannot see them by daylight, but                     
                    perhaps you may hear them                            
                    laughing and flitting. If they                       
                    hurry up, the Great Giant may yet                    
                    transport them across the river.                     
                    They have to find your husband                       
                    and send him here before the sun                     
                    goes down completely.                                
          Philine remains interdicted for a moment; her look goes        
          from one to the other of those present. Then she seems to      
          realize what she has to do, and nods.                          
                    Yes... Yes, I do...                                  
          She puts the basket on the ground. Stanny Z. sniffs the        
          inside of it. Philine takes a few steps away, then starts      
          running towards the Flowers Arch.                              
          Stanny Z. runs after her for a few meters, barking, then       
          stops. It sits on its hind legs and looks at the Flowers       
          Arch, across which Philine has run away. Everyone in the       
          garden is silent. Severus takes his tail in his mouth          
   137    EXT WEST PLAIN - DAY                                           
          Philine runs in the plain with everything she has.             
          Philine runs around and calls. Sometimes she stops and         
                              PHILINE (CONT’D)                           
                    RICHARD! JOHN!                                       
          Philine stops suddenly and pants. We hear SOME HISSES.         
          Philine looks around and waits, then keeps her eyes in one     
          place. John’s fire’s fluctuating figure thickens in the        
          late afternoon light.                                          
                    Madame Philine...                                    
                    Our queen!                                           
          Richard and John laugh and flutter around Philine and          
          dedicate themselve to a dance of joy.                          
                    Stop! STOP! WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?                     
          Richard and John dance around her.                             
                    RICHARD                          JOHN                
            (chanting)                       (chanting)                  
          Our queen!...                    Our queen!...                 
                    STOP, I TELL YOU!                                    
          Richard and John laugh more.                                   
                              PHILINE (CONT’D)                           
                    PRINCE CULLEN IS DEAD!                               
   138    EXT WEST PLAIN - DAY - NEXT                                    
          Richard and John stop. They look at each other with a          
          comically sad air.                                             
                    It’s terrible! Right, John!?                         
                    We are deeply grieved. Right,                        
                    There is a hope still!                               
                    RICHARD                          JOHN                
          Really?                          Which?? Which??               
                    My husband, Benjamin the                             
                    Gamekeeper, has got a miraculous                     
                    Magic Lamp...                                        
          Richard and John listen attentively.                           
                              PHILINE (CONT’D)                           
                    Well, it’s useless to explain it                     
                    to you, now! Hurry at my home,                       
                    soon! Warn my husband, he knows                      
                    what he has to do!                                   
                    But we must remain on this side                      
                    of the river, if we want to be                       
                    presented to the Beautiful Lily!                     
                    Right, Richard?                                      
                    Our cousin Severus promised it                       
                    us! Right, John?                                     
                    This is how you treat me, after                      
                    I’ve payed your debt to the Rumon                    
                    Madame Philine, we don’t know how                    
                    to cross the river!                                  
                    How you came this morning at                         
                    dawn! On the shadow of the Great                     
                    Giant’s nape!                                        
                    And for the return?!...                              
                    My husband will think about the                      
                    return! And you’ll arrive in time                    
                    to know the Beautiful Lily!                          
                    Everything must be done before                       
                    sunset, otherwise Prince Cullen’s                    
                    body will begin his decay, and                       
                    the Lost Kingdom will be lost and                    
                    decompose altogether!                                
          Richard and John flutter at the ground.                        
                         (through cupped hands)                          
                    I’LL WAIT YOU IN THE FERRYMAN’S                      
          Richard and John hurry away.                                   
                    Will the Giant’s shadow be strong                    
                    enough to carry us, at sunset?                       
                    It seems a stupid question! But                      
                    we’ll find out soon!                                 
   139    EXT RIVER EAST SIDE - SUNSET                                   
          The sun is very low on the horizon. The Giant’s head           
          shadow glides from the water onto the shore. Richard and       
          John are standing on the his nape shadow and are a bit         
          scared. The shadow continues to glide on the mainland.         
          They jump down from the nape shadow.                           
   140    EXT BENJAMIN’S HOUSE - DAY                                     
          Richard and John are at the Benjamin’s house gate. They        
          float towards the front door and stop in front of it.          
                    RICHARD                          JOHN                
          GAMEKEEPER! BENJAMIN!            BENJAMIN! GAMEKEEPER!         
          GAMEKEEPER! OPEN!                HEY! GAMEKEEPER! Your wife    
                                           Madame Philine sends us!      
          Silence. Richard and John remain silent waiting and then       
          look at each other.                                            
                    RICHARD                          JOHN                
          GAMEKEEPER! BENJAMIN!            BENJAMIN! GAMEKEEPER!         
          Prince Cullen is dead!                                         
          We see Benjamin’s house and the two will-o’-the-wisps at       
          the door. We hear their repeated calls from afar.              
                    JOHN                             RICHARD             
          OPEN! OPEN!                      OPEN! OPEN!                   
                         (pause - close)                                 
                    He is not here!                                      
                    What a mess!                                         
                    And now how will we do with                          
                    Prince Cullen?                                       
                    He’ll remain dead forever!                           
                    Because of us!                                       
                    It’s not our fault if that stupid                    
                    Gamekeeper is not here!                              
                    And now what do we do?                               
                    What we wanted to do from the                        
                    beginning! Going to know the                         
                    Beautiful Lily!                                      
          Richard and John are going away, then suddenly stop and        
          look at each other.                                            
                    RICHARD                          JOHN                
          THE RUMON RIVER!                 THE RUMON RIVER!              
   141    EXT EAST PLAIN - DAY                                           
          in circle, they head for the River.                            
                    RICHARD                          JOHN                
          What do we do?! What do we       HELP!                         
                    RICHARD                          JOHN                
          We must go back!                 Where do we go?!              
                    RICHARD                          JOHN                
          Let us look for a way to         Let us find a way!            
          cross the River!                                               
          Suddenly Benjamin, with the Magic Lamp held high, stands       
          out in the clearing.                                           
          Richard and John are comically frightened and approach         
          each other almost to mix the flames. They raise their arms     
          comically to the chest as a gesture of defense and             
                    RICHARD                          JOHN                
          HEEEE!                           HEEEE!                        
                    Stop running in circles like                         
                    plucked hens!                                        
          Together Richard and John scoot quickly towards Benjamin,      
          and stop two meters away from him.                             
                    Are you the Gamekeeper?                              
                    No time for presentations! Come                      
                    with me!                                             
          Benjamin starts quickly but Richard and John remain            
          motionless, trembling.                                         
                              BENJAMIN (CONT’D)                          
                    Do you decide or not? !! Don’t                       
                    you want to cross the Rumon                          
          Together Richard and John, still terrified, move quickly       
          to Benjamin, who gets going even before they reach him.        
   142    EXT RIVER EAST SIDE - DAY                                      
          Benjamin, closely followed by Richard and John, rushes to      
          the riverbed and stops. Richard and John reach him, each       
          on one side. Benjamin raises the Magic Lamp towards the        
          The light of the Magic Lamp forms a path of light on the       
          water. The small waves shine. Benjamin proceeds decisively     
          on the path of light, alone. After a few steps he stops        
          and turns.                                                     
                    What are you waiting for?!                           
                    Quickly, I cannot wait on you                        
                    hand and foot!                                       
          Richard and John make a few hops on the path of light.         
          Benjamin starts running again. Richard and John begin to       
          scoot behind him.                                              
   143    EXT RIVER WEST SIDE - ARGUS’ HUT - DAY                         
          Philine is standing in front of the hut door. She writhes      
          her hands and looks anxiously forward. Around the house        
          the tall reeds are still and silent. At a certain point        
          they move and oscillate.                                       
          We hear some HISSES. Richard and John sprout from the          
          reeds. Philine takes a few steps forward, with                 
          EXCLAMATION. Philine, Richard and John reach each other.       
                    So, good will-o’-wisps, did you                      
                    talk to my husband Benjamin? What                    
                    did the Gamekeeper tell you?                         
          Richard and John look at each other in embarrassment.          
                    My queen...                                          
                    Our queen!                                           
          Philine looks at them questioningly and anxiously.             
                    As we arrived... right, John?                        
                    Very right, Richard! We looked                       
                    for him...                                           
                    We called him...                                     
                    It’s a tragedy...                                    
                    What are you saying?...                              
                    he got away!                                         
                    BUT WHAT MAJESTY! WHAT ARE YOU                       
                    SAYING? WHERE’S BENJAMIN?!                           
                    You didn’t find him! There was                       
          Philine turns around, covers her face with her hands,          
          whines and moans, as she moves towards the hut. Richard        
          and John reach her on both sides.                              
                    Don’t cry, Madame Philine! Surely                    
                    he wasn’t doing anything wrong.                      
                    Right, John? I don’t know, other                     
                    What are you saying, Richard?!                       
                    The Gamekeeper wasn’t there, but                     
                    then we met him!                                     
                         (almost hysterically)                           
                    And where’s he now?!!                                
                    JOHN                             RICHARD             
          Beautiful Lily’s!                Beautiful Lily’s!             
          Philine pushes the door with her arm out and enters.           
          Will-o’-wisps are silent and in fear and look suspiciously     
          over and around as they enter.                                 
   144    INT ARGUS’ HUT - DAY                                           
          Argus is standing next to the table, with a small tub in       
          his hand, and looks questioningly at the three newly           
                    I meet you again,                                    
          Richard and John stutter, bringing their hands to their        
                              ARGUS (CONT’D)                             
                    Now don’t laugh...                                   
                    My husband is already by                             
                    Beautiful Lily. I must reach him                     
                    right away.                                          
          Philine quickly wears shawl and cloak.                         
                              PHILINE (CONT’D)                           
                    Only the light of his Magic Lamp                     
                    can slow down the hand                               
          Philine leaves. Richard and John look at each other            
          perplexed. With embarrassment they start at the door,          
          first slowly, then they scoot one behind the other,            
                    JOHN                             RICHARD             
          MADAME PHILINE!                  MADAME PHILINE!               
   145    EXT LILY’S GARDEN - TERRACE - DAY                              
          Silence. Only the crickets BUZZ is heard. The Three Maids      
          are seated on scattered chairs, waiting. Stanny Z. is          
          crouched under the table. Philine’s basket is still on the     
          Lily is sitting at the usual place, a little bent, and         
          stares at Cullen, arms outstretched and hands resting on       
          knees. Bright Severus, with the tip of the tail in his         
          mouth, agitates impatiently. Lily starts crying softly.        
          Severus rolls his eyes around worriedly. The golden rays       
          of the setting sun spread their last beams upon the            
          highest tops of the trees, and lengthen the mountain           
          shadows over lake and meadow.                                  
                              THIRD MAID                                 
                    The sun is about to set...                           
          First Maid looks at Third reproachfully.                       
                              SECOND MAID                                
                    If the putrefaction enters the                       
                    magic circle, Prince Cullen will                     
                    not be able to...                                    
          First Maid looks at her and widens her eyes to shut her up     
          severely. Lily lowers her head, covers her face with her       
          hands and cries without noise. The Third Maid approaches       
          her and hands her a lace handkerchief. Lily takes it and       
          covers her face. The hawk SCREECHES furrowing the sky.         
          Stanny Z. immediately comes out from under the table and       
          barks to the sky. Lily stands up agitated, the                 
          handkerchief falls to the ground. Second Maid gets up and      
          picks it up. Lily stares at the Flowers Arch.                  
   146    EXT LILY’S GARDEN - FLOWERS ARCH/TERRACE - DAY                 
          Slowly Benjamin crosses the arch, in the raised right hand     
          he carries his lit Magic Lamp. The four women look at him;     
          even the First Maid gets up. Stanny Z. hops to meet him.       
          Benjamin arrives in the terrace and stops. Stanny Z.           
          hovers around his legs.                                        
                         (to Lily)                                       
                    Who ever ate his bread in tears,                     
                    who sat in the sad nights,                           
                    weeping, on his bed, doesn’t know                    
                    the heavenly powers.                                 
          Benjamin looks piously at Cullen’s corpse.                     
                              BENJAMIN (CONT’D)(OS)                      
                    They lead us into life. They let                     
                    the wretched stain himself with                      
                    guilt, because every fault finds                     
                    its revenge on earth.                                
          Lily takes a step towards Benjamin and remains almost          
          suspended. Bright Severus raises suppliant eyes on             
          Benjamin, without leaving the tip of his tail.                 
                    What good spirit does it send                        
                    you? We want you so much and we                      
                    need you so much!                                    
                    The spirit of my Magic Lamp                          
                    pushes me, and the hawk guided                       
                    me. When you need me, the Magic                      
                    Lamp flickers and crackles; then                     
                    I just need to look in the air                       
                    for a sign... a bird or a                            
          The four women are taking a step closer to Benjamin. Lily      
          has a pleading look.                                           
                              BENJAMIN (CONT’D)                          
                    Calm yourself, beautiful girl! I                     
                    don’t know if I can help you. A                      
                    single person doesn’t help...                        
          Lily is astonished. The Three Maids look at each other         
                              BENJAMIN (CONT’D)                          
                         (looking around)                                
                    ...But more PEOPLE together can                      
                    help a lot. Let us wait and hope.                    
   147    EXT LILY’S GARDEN - TERRACE - BODY CIRCLE - DAY                
          Benjamin crouches next to Severus’ head and places the         
          Magic Lamp on the ground. Its light covers the entire          
          perimeter formed by the luminous body of Severus, with the     
          corpse of Cullen inside. Stanny Z. crouches beside them.       
                         (to Severus)                                    
                    Keep your circle closed.                             
                         (to maids)                                      
                    Bring the sweet canary here and                      
                    place it in the circle!                              
          First Maid nods to the Second, who approaches Philine’s        
          basket on the ground, bends over, lifts the cloth and          
          takes the dead canary in her hands.                            
          The Second Maid approaches the corpse and lays the dead        
          canary on the ground, inside the perimeter formed by the       
          luminous body of Severus.                                      
                              BENJAMIN (CONT’D)                          
                    As long as they stay under the                       
                    light of the Magic Lamp, they                        
                    will not decay.                                      
          Severus and Benjamin look at each other in silence.            
                              BENJAMIN (CONT’D)                          
                    Now all that remains is to                           
   148    EXT PARK/GARDEN - SUNSET                                       
          The sun sets. As the shades of evening closes around, the      
          veil of Lily is illumined with a soft brilliancy, and          
          causes her pale cheeks and her white robe to beam like the     
          dawn of morning. We see the whole park. The rays of the        
          setting sun give rise to the highest peaks of the trees.       
   149    EXT LILY’S GARDEN - TERRACE - SUNSET                           
          Philine arrives in a hurry, followed by Richard and John       
          floating close to the ground. Philine, Richard and John        
          see Benjamin. Philine stops.                                   
                    RICHARD                          JOHN                
            (to John)                        (to Richard)                
          The Gamekeeper!                  He was here! He was already   
          Philine, shaking, kneels beside Benjamin and lays her          
          stump under the beam of light. Benjamin and Philine look       
          at each other anxiously. In front of Lily’s couch, Richard     
          and John block their run, with a little forward momentum       
          of their heads. They bow.                                      
                    Good evening, Beautiful Lily.                        
                    Good night, Beautiful Lily...                        
                    JOHN                             RICHARD             
            (awkwardly)                      (awkwardly)                 
          Princess, my respects.           My compliments.               
          Richard and John look at each other with embarrassment.        
          Richard declaims, making a large gesture with his right        
          arm towards the empty garden, behind Lily:                     
                    Greetings, noble gentlemen,                          
                    greetings, beautiful ladies! How                     
                    rich is the sky, how many stars!                     
                    Who knows their name? In this                        
                    room full of magnificence and                        
                    splendor... um... uh...                              
                    Good evening to you,                                 
                    Do you know us?... It’s like we                      
                    lived in the dawn, when the dew                      
                    in the field revives us...                           
                    And after the welcome worries of                     
                    the day, the last ray of sunshine                    
                    makes us rejoice...                                  
                    I know and love my subjects, and                     
                    my subjects know and love me.                        
                    We are honoured. For a long time                     
                    we wanted to be presented to Your                    
                    Highness the Beautiful Lily.                         
                    Right, Richard?                                      
                    Instead, at the end we presented                     
                    ourselves. Right, John?                              
          Richard and John giggle foolishly.                             
                    Thank you for agreeing to cross                      
                    the river again, to warn the                         
                    Guardian of the Temple.                              
          Richard and John remain astonished.                            
                    Your Magnificence, who is the                        
                    Guardian of the Temple?                              
                    We didn’t know it...                                 
                         (to John)                                       
                    We didn’t warn him!                                  
                    The Guardian of the Temple is                        
                    Benjamin, the Gamekeeper.                            
                    JOHN                             RICHARD             
          Ooohhhhh...                      Yes yes, sure...              
                    But when we arrived he wasn’t                        
                         (to Philine, reassuring)                        
                    Your hand will not carry on to                       
                    wither, as long as the Magic Lamp                    
                    shine upon it.                                       
                    If things go on like thus, it                        
                    will disappear entirely before                       
   151    EXT LILY’S GARDEN - TERRACE - ROWS - NIGHT                     
          The moonlight floods the terrace. Only silence,                
          interspersed with the cicadas BUZZ. Lily walks along the       
          rows of trees, quietly followed by Stanny Z., who sniffs       
          around on the ground.                                          
          Lily wears a pearl-gray cloak with the hood thrown back,       
          and the luminescent red veil. She stops every few steps to     
          caress the leaves and smell them. Lily looks at the stars.     
                    A gentle wind blows from deep                        
                    blue heaven. The myrtle is thick,                    
                    the laurel grows high... I’ld                        
                    like to go down there with you,                      
                    my beloved one.                                      
   152    EXT LILY’S GARDEN - TERRACE - TABLE - NIGHT                    
          The pony cart is near the table. The Three Maids are           
          seated around the table, distant from each other. They eat     
          fillets of already clean fish and baked potatoes, with         
          fork and knife.                                                
          The First Page pours the wine. We hear the noise of the        
          dishes in the silence. The First Maid finishes eating,         
          leaves the cutlery in the dish and rises. Then, the Second     
          and Third Maid leave the cutlery in the dish and rise.         
          The Second Page bends over to Philine and Benjamin with a      
          tray in his hand. On the tray we see two long sandwiches       
          and a beer mug. Philine and Benjamin each take a sandwich.     
          Benjamin takes the beer mug and rests it on the ground.        
                    The time is out of joint. What a                     
                    cursed spite, that I was born to                     
                    set it right.                                        
          The Second Page rises with the tray and moves away.            
          Benjamin and Philine start eating. Severus frees his mouth     
          to speak.                                                      
                    Only time will live forever. We                      
                    are the flowers that it mows.                        
          Benjamin puts a piece of bread in Severus’s mouth. Severus     
          swallows the bread, then closes his mouth on the tail.         
                    The prophecy is coming true, but                     
                    something’s wrong. Something’s                       
                    In fact, the bridge is not there                     
                    and the Temple has not emerged.                      
          Pause. Severus frees his mouth.                                
                    It misses the supreme sacrifice.                     
                    But Prince Cullen is dead: more                      
                    sacrifice than that...                               
                    No. Prince Cullen died, but he                       
                    didn’t sacrifice himself. He just                    
                    has been the victim of evil, of                      
                    the queen mother’s wickedness and                    
                    her sick love.                                       
                    It’s like that. The true                             
                    sacrifice of love is for the                         
                    I cannot say whether I’ll be able                    
                    to tell you what will happen, or                     
                    if this is expressly forbidden to                    
          In the background the Three Maids whisper to each other,       
   153    EXT LILY’S GARDEN - TERRACE - NIGHT                            
          In the silence of the Garden only the cicadas BUZZ is          
          heard. The light of Severus now shines strongly. Benjamin      
          and Philine are sitting on cushions next to Severus’s          
          head. Stanny Z. is crouched next to them.                      
          The Magic Lamp, leaning on the ground, shines on Cullen’s      
          corpse; Philine keeps his damaged hand under the Magic         
          Lamp light. Lily is sitting on her sofa, with the cape         
          hood raised, from which the veil luminescence comes out.       
          Lily holds the harp in her hand, but caresses it absently,     
          without sounding it. Richard and John float brightly on        
          either side of Lily, in an attitude of tense expectation.      
          The Three Maids sleep on a sofa, leaning against each          
          other. Benjamin looks at the stars, then gets up with the      
          Magic Lamp. Even Philine gets up. Lily pluckes a harp rope     
          and turns only her eyes towards Benjamin.                      
                    It is midnight.                                      
          Lily gets up. She approaches Cullen followed immediately       
          by Richard and John. Among them three and Benjamin there       
          is Cullen’s body.                                              
                              BENJAMIN (CONT’D)                          
                    Felicitous moment finds us                           
                    together. Let’s us everyone                          
                    fulfill his task, everyone does                      
                    his duty...                                          
          John, Lily, Richard, Philine watch it attentively.             
                              BENJAMIN (CONT’D)                          
                    ...and a general happiness will                      
                    dissolve the pains of each one...                    
                    just as a general unhappiness                        
                    destroys the joys of each one...                     
          The thoughts of Severus, Lily, Philine, Richard, John,         
          overlap as in a canon.                                         
                    SEVERUS (V.O.)                   LILY (V.O.)         
          I’ll go to the Temple...         I’ll go to the Temple...      
          I’ll go to the Temple...         I’ll go to the Temple...      
                    RICHARD (V.O.)                   JOHN (V.O.)         
          I’ll go to the Temple...         I’ll go to the Temple...      
          I’ll go to the Temple...         I’ll go to the Temple...      
                    PHILINE (V.O.)                                       
          I’ll go to the Temple...                                       
          I’ll go to the Temple...                                       
          All the voices hush.                                           
                    WE’LL GO TO THE TEMPLE!...                           
   154    EXT LILY’S GARDEN - TERRACE - HAWK - NIGHT                     
          Suddenly the hawk SCREECHES arriving straight on               
          Benjamin’s arm. Stanny Z. immediately raises its head.         
          Benjamin pulls out of a pocket a small round mirror with a     
          nice silver grip and hands it to the hawk.                     
                         (to the hawk)                                   
                    Grasp the mirror!                                    
          The hawk nods.                                                 
                              BENJAMIN (CONT’D)                          
                    With the first beam of sun,                          
                    illuminate the sleeping maidens                      
                    and awaken them by the light                         
                    reflected from heaven!                               
          The hawk takes flight. Benjamin straightens his arm to the     
          sky. The hawk verges on Benjamin’s hand, grasps the grip       
          of the mirror and flies away into the sky.                     
   155    EXT LILY’S GARDEN - TERRACE - NIGHT                            
          Severus begins to move and breaks the circle around            
          Cullen’s body. It moves away in long windings, slowly,         
          disappears, his luminous trail disappears, but without         
          glittering. Stanny Z. follows him for a few steps.             
          Lily holds her arms by the cold. Richard and John close to     
          her. Benjamin poses the Magic Lamp on the ground. Benjamin     
          and Philine approach the basket, take it from the two          
          handles and slowly each of them moves back.                    
          The wicker basket SQUEAKS HORRIBLY and slowly extends,         
          sending luminous glows. They stop when the basket reaches      
          almost two meters. They carry the basket with difficulty;      
          now shining strands of light are among the wicker.             
          They lay the basket on the ground next to Cullen’s body.       
          Stanny Z. observes with curiosity and shakes his tail.         
          Benjamin lifts Cullen from under his arms, Philine lifts       
          him from his ankles. They lay it in the basket.                
          Benjamin gently takes the dead canary in his hands and         
          places it on Cullen’s chest. Benjamin and Philine retreat.     
          The basket hovers at a meter. Stanny Z. jumps and BARKS.       
          Everyone looks at each other intentionally.                    
          Richard and John set off solemnly towards the Flowers          
          Arch. The basket flies slowly behind them. Philine walks       
          behind the basket. She holds the small black hand on the       
          edge of the basket.                                            
          A slight halo of light extends from the basket to the          
          hand. Lily walks behind Philine, meekly flanked by Stanny      
          Z. Benjamin takes the Magic Lamp and walks behind Lily.        
   156    EXT RIVER WEST SIDE - FOREST - NIGHT                           
          Through the trees of a thick forest, we can glimpse the        
          funeral procession: Richard, John, the hovered basket,         
          Philine, Lily with Stanny Z., Benjamin. The points of          
          light are Richard, John, the basket, the veil of Lily, the     
          Magic Lamp. Many fireflies.                                    
          The funeral procession arrives at the Pedestrian Bridge,       
          which emanates a green light. They come up the bridge          
          slowly. The shining, green arch stands out against the         
          dark sky.                                                      
   158    EXT ARGUS’ HUT - WINDOW - NIGHT                                
          Argus looks at the far scene from the window of his hut.       
          He smokes his long pipe frostily.                              
          The funeral procession reaches the east bank. Everyone         
          comes down from the bridge and stops. Everyone turns to        
          look at the Bridge, arranged in a radial pattern. The arch     
          of the Bridge begins to oscillate sinking to the water.        
          Stanny Z. launches towards the Bridge-Snake but remains on     
          the shore and barks. Bright Severus docks. Stanny Z.           
          approaches him and smells him. The basket slowly settles       
          on the ground. Stanny Z. approaches it and sniffs inside.      
          Severus approaches the basket and surrounds it, again          
          forming a perimeter with his luminous body. Everyone           
          approaches. Stanny Z. sniffs the basket. Benjamin bends        
          over to Severus and places the Magic Lamp on the ground.       
                    What did you decide?                                 
                    To sacrifice me... Promise me                        
                    you’ll leave no stone on the                         
                    I promise you.                                       
   160    EXT RIVER EAST SIDE - SHORE - NIGHT                            
          Benjamin stands up.                                            
                              BENJAMIN (CONT’D)                          
                         (to Lily)                                       
                    Touch the snake with your left                       
                    hand, and your loved one with                        
                    your right hand.                                     
          Lily bends one knee and puts her left hand on bright           
          Severus and her right hand on Cullen’s chest. At the same      
          instant Cullen moves in the basket. He breathes, slow          
          first, then deeply.                                            
          The canary FLAPS ITS WING, little by little wakes up,          
          CHEEPS. Stanny Z. hangs and WHINES. Cullen moves his head      
          and the still closed eyes. The canary takes flight             
          FLAPPING THE WINGS in the silence.                             
          Cullen opens his eyes and looks into the void. He sits up      
          from the basket like an automaton. Stanny Z. moves away.       
          Lily is about to hug Cullen, but Benjamin holds her.           
          Benjamin helps up Cullen. Lily gets up too.                    
          Benjamin leads Cullen by the arm and pulls him out of the      
          basket and the perimeter of Severus’s luminous body. The       
          basket returns to its original size SQUEAKING. Everyone        
          looks at Cullen with apprehension.                             
   161    EXT RIVER EAST SIDE - SHORE - GEMS - NIGHT                     
          Cullen looks at everything without any participation, with     
          empty stare. The canary comes to flutter on his shoulder.      
          At that moment Severus’s body shatters into a thousand and     
          a thousand shimmering precious stones.                         
          Richard, John, Philine and Lily gasp. Cullen remains           
          motionless to gaze at nothing at all. Philine in alarm         
          takes a few steps towards the point where Severus was,         
          unintentionally scattering the precious stones, that           
                    Holy poetry ascend to heaven!                        
                    Shine, beautiful star, far and                       
                    farther away!                                        
                    From the serpent’s sacrifice, the                    
                    flame of a powerful spiritual                        
                    force shines and twinkles.                           
          Benjamin bends down to pick up the shining stones and put      
          them in the basket. Philine helps him. They raise the full     
          basket and take it to a small boulder on the bank. Stanny      
          Z. follows them with curiosity.                                
          Richard and Lily watch the scene, while John is                
          disinterested and passes the transparent hand in front of      
          Cullen’s eyes, which do not move. The canary flits about       
          Cullen and John.                                               
          Benjamin shakes the whole basket contents in the river: a      
          bright rain. Seeing this, Philine has an imperceptible         
          motion of dissatisfaction. Lily approaches her.                
                    Why do you want to investigate                       
                    where goodness flows away?                           
                         (looking at the river)                          
                    Your gems, throw them into the                       
                    water: who knows who will ever                       
                    enjoy them.                                          
          The gems float on the waves like bright and shining stars;     
          then slowly sink.                                              
                    He shines before us, disappearing                    
                    like a comet in the river. He                        
                    combined infinite light with his                     
                         (to Richard and John)                           
                    My lords, now I’ll show you the                      
                    way, and I’ll open the track for                     
                    you. But you’ll give us the                          
                    greatest favor if you open the                       
                    sanctuary door. This time we must                    
                    enter the front door, and no one                     
                    can force it except you.                             
          Richard and John bow politely and ceremoniously.               
   162    EXT RIVER EAST SIDE - GLADE - NIGHT                            
          The new procession moves forward: in front Benjamin holds      
          the Magic Lamp high up; Philine at his side, her hand          
          stretched out in the light; then Cullen, who walks as          
          emptied of life; then Lily and beside her Stanny Z.            
          trotting along, then Richard and John next to each other.      
          The canary flits about from one to another. Richard and        
          John exchange glances comically, as who know a thing or        
          The procession arrives at cleft in the rock, the same from     
          which Severus had penetrated into the Temple. Benjamin         
          raises the Magic Lamp and illuminates the cleft widening       
          more and more. DEBRIS FALL, ROCK SPLITS.                       
                    The harsh rock opens its own                         
          WAYFARERS come in one by one. At the end of the narrow         
          passage, WAYFARERS CROWD in front of a large bronze door,      
          like that of Pantheon in Rome, whose doors are closed by a     
          golden lock, a real small sculpture.                           
                    Richard, John, your turn!                            
          Richard and John advance to the door and start to lick the     
          lock briskly.                                                  
   164    INT PASSAGE - AT THE TEMPLE DOOR - NIGHT                       
          Richard and John lick the last piece of gold from the          
   165    INT TEMPLE - NIGHT                                             
          Gate doors widen RESOUNDING STRONGLY. Benjamin advances        
          holding up the Magic Lamp; next to him Stanny Z. takes a       
          step inside the Temple. Richard and John, brighter than        
          before, Lily, Philine, pile up behind Benjamin.                
          Cullen lags behind, stares at nothing, on the sidelines.       
          The canary flutters on the small group, which advances         
          towards the center of the Temple. Philine comes back,          
          takes Cullen by the arm and leads him into the Temple.         
          The light of Magic Lamp magically illuminates the whole        
          Temple, similar to the Pantheon in Rome. Richard and John      
          bow stupidly to the four kings statues, passing from one       
          to the other. The Golden King opens his eyes.                  
                              GOLD KING                                  
                    Where do you come from?                              
                    From the world.                                      
          The Silver King opens his eyes.                                
                              SILVER KING                                
                    And where are you going?                             
                    Into the world.                                      
          The Bronze King opens his eyes.                                
                              BRONZE KING                                
                    What do you want here, from us?                      
                    We want to accompany you.                            
          The Composite King is sitting eyes closed.                     
   166    INT TEMPLE - GOLDEN KING - NIGHT                               
          Richard and John sneakily approach the Golden King. They       
          pull out their tongues in the act of licking the gold of       
          the base, but are blocked by the Golden King voice.            
                              GOLD KING                                  
                    Get out of here! My gold is not                      
                    for your taste!                                      
          Richard and John jump back in fear.                            
   167    INT TEMPLE - SILVER KING - NIGHT                               
          Richard and John hide halfway behind the Silver King.          
                              SILVER KING                                
                    You are welcome... even if I                         
                    cannot feed you...                                   
   168    INT TEMPLE - NIGHT                                             
                              GOLD KING                                  
                         (to all)                                        
                    From where we were born?                             
                    From love!                                           
                              SILVER KING                                
                    How would we be lost?                                
                    Without love!                                        
                              BRONZE KING                                
                    What helps us to outdo ourselves?                    
                              COMPOSITE KING                             
                    How can love be found?                               
                    With love!                                           
                              BRONZE KING                                
                    Who will dominate the world?!                        
                    This will be unveiled...                             
          We see the whole interior of the temple.                       
                              BENJAMIN (CONT’D)(OS)                      
                    IT IS THE TIME!                                      
          Benjamin words ECHO in the Temple.                             
                    Father blessed! I thank you                          
          Richard and John start to lick a gold trim wall. The           
          canary flutters near them.                                     
                              LILY (CONT’D)(OS)                          
                    ...It’s the third time today I                       
                    hear the prophecy words!...                          
   169    INT TEMPLE - EARTHQUAKE - NIGHT                                
          The earth starts to quake. Everyone looks at the floor.        
          Richard and John stop in fear guiltily. The whole Temple       
          moves slowly horizontally WITH A LARGE DIN; earth depths       
          open up before the Temple to let it pass.                      
                    We’re moving!                                        
                    Yes we’re moving to the other                        
          A thin rain begins to fall from ceiling interstices.           
          Richard and John look up and flatten themselves against        
          the wall, along with the canary.                               
                    We are under the river!                              
                    Soon we’ll arrive at our                             
          The water ceases to fall. The Temple stops WITH A LOUD         
          FLINCH. For a moment it stays still, then moves upwards        
          WITH RACKET again. Benjamin, Philine and Lily try to keep      
          their balance. Cullen vacillates. Stanny Z. jumps and          
                    We’re going up!                                      
          The Temple stops with a BANG.                                  
                    We’ve hit something!                                 
   170    INT TEMPLE - DOME - HUT LOWER PART - NIGHT                     
          A moment later the dome starts to open slowly and NOISILY,     
          allowing a glimpse of the lower part of a hut. For a           
          moment everything stops. Then planks and beams, followed       
          by the furniture, start to precipitate CRASHINGLY en masse     
          through the open ceiling.                                      
          Argus’ comical SCREAM gets lost in the falling furniture       
          ROAR. He is prone on the bed with open legs, clinging to       
          the mattress, in nightgown. Lily and Philine leap to the       
          side, instead Benjamin grabs Cullen and stays motionless.      
          Close to the latter Stanny Z. is terrified and BARKS.          
          Richard, John and the canary flit around crazily and           
          SCREAM. Through the open ceiling you can see for a moment      
          the now empty hut. Then the whole small hut SQUEAKS            
          HARSHLY and collapses abruptly on Benjamin, Cullen and         
          Stanny. Philine and Lily SCREAM.                               
   171    INT TEMPLE - OPEN DOME - DAWN                                  
          Through the open dome you see the dawn light.                  
   172    EXT SKY/LILY’S GARDEN - DAY                                    
          A ray of light is reflected by the mirror in the claws of      
          the hawk, which flies high in the sky. The light strikes       
          in the eyes the Three Maids and arouses exclamations. They     
          bring their hands to the blinded eyes.                         
   173    INT TEMPLE - DAY                                               
          The dome closes slowly and NOISILY. The Temple starts to       
          rise NOISILY. Philine and Lily jump terrified exclaiming.      
          Trembling and exclaiming Richard, John and canary are half     
          hidden behind the Bronze King and look at the situation.       
          The dawn light starts to enter through the large windows       
          as the building rises to the surface. The windows glass is     
          transparent and perfectly clean. The Temple stops.             
   174    EXT RIVER WEST SIDE - TEMPLE - DAY                             
          The Temple rises completely outside, in the place where        
          the Argus’ hut stood. We see the view of the west bank and     
          the river, from left to right.                                 
   175    INT TEMPLE - AROUND THE HUT - DAY                              
          Philine and Lily wander around the hut with anguish. THEY      
          sidelines Richard, John and the canary are petrified and       
                         (very seriously)                                
                    As long as this is not clear,                        
                    this: die and become!... You are                     
                    only a grim host, above the dark                     
          Richard and the canary turn and look at him in disbelief.      
          They all three look at each other terrified, then fly out      
          of the Temple like a shot through the open door.               
                    PHILINE                          LILY                
          Benjamin! Benjamin!...           Cullen! Cullen!...            
          They knock with more violence. THE WOOD NOISE transforms,      
          becomes a METALLIC NOISE AND RESOUND. Philine and Lily         
          stop in amazement and fear. The hut becomes a magnificent      
          cantilevered silver altar, a temple in the temple, with a      
          small external ramp to climb the altar roof.                   
   176    INT TEMPLE - ALTAR - DAY                                       
          The altar door opens and a completely conscious and human      
          Cullen appears in the doorway. Behind him, the altar is        
          completely full of light. Philine and Lily step back.          
          Cullen comes out.                                              
          Behind him Benjamin comes out too, without the Magic Lamp.     
          Lastly, a completely alive Stanny walks out. Philine and       
          Lily smile, panting happily, with exclamations. From           
          inside the altar comes Argus in a nightgown, absolutely        
          amazed and incredulous. He looks around.                       
          Cullen and Lily look at each other in love, but two meters     
          away. Argus starts to wander around the Temple, a bit          
          dazed. Stanny paws behind him. Philine smiles at Benjamin.     
          Then the smile fades to the lips.                              
          Philine looks at her hand with dismay, then looks at the       
          others with bewilderment and pain.                             
                    I’M THE ONLY ONE LEFT UNHAPPY!                       
                    Among so many prodigies... there                     
                    is not one that can save my                          
          Lily and Cullen watch her powerless and pity. Benjamin         
          approaches her and takes her back in his hands.                
          He points to her the open Temple door.                         
                              BENJAMIN (CONT’D)                          
                    The day arises, go and get wet in                    
                    the river!                                           
                    What are you talking about?... I                     
                    haven’t paid my debt yet, have                       
                    you forgotten it?! I’ll become                       
                    entirely black and disappear!...                     
                    No, all debts have been forgiven!                    
                    Go and do what I tell you! Trust                     
          Philine leaves quickly and goes away. Stanny runs after        
          her, barking happily.                                          
   177    EXT RIVER WEST SIDE - TEMPLE/LAWN - DAY                        
          Philine runs on the lawn towards the river with Stanny.        
          Behind Philine, starting from the Temple frontage, a           
          paving widens to gradually cover the lawn.                     
   178    INT TEMPLE - DAY                                               
          Benjamin reaches Cullen and Lily and puts himself between      
          them. All three turn to the four Kings.                        
                    Three lords dominate on the                          
          Argus turns sharply.                                           
                              BENJAMIN (CONT’D)                          
          The Golden King stands up with a METAL NOISE.                  
                              BENJAMIN (CONT’D)                          
          The Silver King stands up with a METAL NOISE.                  
                              BENJAMIN (CONT’D)                          
          The Bronze King stands up, with a METAL NOISE. The             
          Composite King is sitting eyes closed.                         
   179    INT TEMPLE - INVESTITURE - DAY                                 
          Cullen approaches the Bronze King. Benjamin and Lily watch     
          Cullen silently. A still dazed Argus joins them. Cullen        
          takes the sword at the foot of the statue and girds it on      
          his left side. During the action the sword reduces to          
          Cullen’s size.                                                 
                              BRONZE KING                                
                    The sword on the left, the right                     
          Cullen goes in front of the Silver King, who lowers his        
          scepter towards him. The scepter gets smaller. Cullen          
          takes it with his right hand.                                  
                              SILVER KING                                
                    Feed the sheep!                                      
          Cullen goes in front of the Golden King, who takes off the     
          crown and places it on Cullen’s head. During the action        
          the crown shrinks to the right size.                           
                              GOLD KING                                  
                    Recognize the paramount good!                        
          Cullen approaches Lily.                                        
                    Lily! Oh dear Lily! Now I have                       
                    everything, but not the most                         
                    precious thing: your innocence                       
                    and the silent affection that                        
                    your heart offers me!...                             
          Cullen throws himself in Lily’s neck. She closes her eyes      
          on his shoulder, with happiness and emotion.                   
                    If every hour of my life will                        
                    pass like this, I’ll have nothing                    
                    more to wish for.                                    
          Lily pulls her head back and looks at Cullen.                  
                              LILY (CONT’D)                              
                    I’ve got everything! I want to                       
                    enjoy everything! Let’s our                          
                    happiness be without shadow, pure                    
                    as heaven!                                           
          Cullen smiles and surrounds Lily’s waist.                      
   180    INT TEMPLE - COMPOSITE KING - DAY                              
          Cullen puts his hand on Benjamin’s shoulder.                   
                    My friend... the kingdom of our                      
                    fathers is splendid and safe, but                    
                    you have forgotten the fourth                        
                    force that dominates the world,                      
                    even more certain: the strength                      
                    of humility.                                         
          The Composite King opens his eyes and gets up. Cullen          
          approaches the Composite King, who puts the sphere he          
          holds in his hands on Cullen’s chest. During the action        
          the sphere shrinks to the right size and remains suspended     
          in the air.                                                    
          The sphere lights up, becomes evanescent and penetrates        
          into Cullen’s chest. Argus happily laughs turning to           
          Benjamin. Cullen turns to Lily, who approaches him. Lily       
          surrounds Cullen’s waist with her arms. Cullen smiles at       
                         (to Benjamin)                                   
                    Beauty makes the whole world                         
                    happy, and every being that feels                    
                    its enchantment.                                     
          Cullen and Lily start towards the open Temple door.            
                         (whispering to Argus)                           
                    Humility doesn’t dominate the                        
                    world... it forms it... and this                     
                    is much more...                                      
   181    EXT TEMPLE - PATIO - DAY                                       
          Cullen and Lily, followed by Benjamin and Argus, leave the     
          Temple. Now they are on a large patio that has magically       
          formed, like everything else that will now appear. The         
          patio is similar to Piazza della Trinità dei Monti in          
          It is entirely surrounded by a balustrade. Two stairs          
          ramps, similar to lateral ramps of Spanish Steps, branch       
          off the patio towards a square below.                          
   182    EXT TEMPLE - SQUARE - DAY                                      
          The square is similar to Piazza San Pietro in Rome, but        
          smaller and without the obelisk and fountains. Beyond the      
          square, a magnificent Wagon Bridge crosses the river,          
          which is now a hundred meters wide.                            
   183    EXT WAGON BRIDGE - DAY                                         
          The Wagon Bridge has many arches; on both sides there are      
          comfortable and beautiful porticoed lanes for WAYFARERS.       
          HUNDREDS OF WAYFARERS go back and forth briskly under the      
          The big road in the middle is animated by a stream of          
          sheeps flocks, horses and donkeys, KNIGHTS and carriages       
          running in both directions. CALLS, BUZZ, NOISE OF CLOCKS       
          AND WHEELS. Everyone looks in amaze at the magnificence of     
          the Wagon Bridge.                                              
   184    EXT TEMPLE - PATIO - DAY                                       
          Cullen and Lily look out over the balustrade. Cullen holds     
          an arm around Lily’s waist. They watch PEOPLE’s activity       
          and bustle.                                                    
                    How my spirit wanders! It makes                      
                    its way from everywhere, to                          
                    further enlarge my immense                           
                    We’ll have to surround the PEOPLE                    
                    with nobles, great, spiritually                      
                    rich forms. We’ll close a circle                     
                    of excellence around them.                           
                    Until appearance surpasses                           
                    reality, and the art the nature.                     
          Benjamin and Argus reach them.                                 
                    Here is the state of the                             
                    beautiful appearance!                                
                         (to Cullen)                                     
                    Honor the serpent Severus’                           
                    memory: you owe him the life,                        
                    your PEOPLE owe him the Bridge...                    
   185    EXT WAGON BRIDGE - DAY                                         
          We see the Wagon Bridge with its ordered traffic. BUZZ,        
          NOISE OF CLOCKS AND WHEELS.                                    
                              BENJAMIN (OS)                              
                    For the first time the two banks                     
                    are really close. Those shiny                        
          Some gems glisten in the Wagon Bridge pillars.                 
                              BENJAMIN (OS)(CONT’D)                      
                    ...are the remains of his                            
                    sacrificed body... the pillars of                    
                    this miraculous Bridge. Severus                      
                    has risen up alone, and alone                        
                    he’ll hold himself.                                  
   186    EXT TEMPLE - PATIO - DAY                                       
                    For this reason beauty and                           
                    equality will dominate in my                         
                    The waves run beneath him, the                       
                    wagons above him. The generous                       
                    snake has allowed us all to go to                    
                    the other shore.                                     
                    My image will be displayed                           
                    proudly in hundred buildings, but                    
                    in the end I’ll need little                          
                    space, for resting quietly.                          
                         (to Benjamin)                                   
                    But what was the prodigious                          
   187    EXT TEMPLE - PATIO/RAMP - DAY                                  
          Lily stops as she sees the three maids and Philine climb       
          up the ramp, followed by Stanny running and barking            
          excitedly. Philine is more beautiful, as rejuvenated. At       
          the top the hawk SCREECHES.                                    
          The Three Maids run to Lily. The four women hug each other     
          with exclamations of enthusiasm.                               
                              THIRD MAID                                 
                    What a wonderful PEOPLE,                             
                    Beautiful Lily! Not perfect but                      
                    good PEOPLE...                                       
                              SECOND MAID                                
                    ...Not extraordinary but                             
                    interesting, and lovely!                             
          Philine approaches Benjamin and shows him her healed hand.     
          Stanny jumps around the couple. Benjamin surrounds             
          Philine’s shoulders with his arm.                              
                    Now do you believe me, beloved                       
                    Philine? Anyone bathing in the                       
                    river, this morning, will find                       
          Philine surrounds Benjamin’s life with his arms, he            
          strokes her head.                                              
                    The fountain of youth is not a                       
                    fable. There is and flows! Really                    
                    and always... in the art of                          
          Philine puts her head on Benjamin’s chest.                     
                    Philine... today you can also                        
                    choose another spouse... From now                    
                    on no marriage has any value...                      
                    that has not been concluded                          
          Philine raises her face to Benjamin.                           
                    But then you don’t know that you                     
                    stole my heart irreparably, even                     
                    before I realized it was in                          
                    Only in you I can know myself.                       
                    Far away from you my thoughts go                     
                    A look from your eyes in mine, a                     
                    kiss from your mouth to mine;                        
                    who, like me, knows something of                     
                    it, how can find joy in another?                     
                    Then I accept your hand again...                     
                    I want carry on to live with you,                    
                    in the next millennium...                            
          Lily, Philine and the Three Maids descend from one of the      
          two ramps, followed by Stanny. Cullen, in the middle of        
          Argus and Benjamin, looks from the patio towards the Wagon     
   188    EXT WAGON BRIDGE - DAY                                         
          The PEOPLE swarm. The Giant, from the east bank, advances      
          staggering over the Wagon Bridge; he does not seem to have     
          recovered from the morning’s sleep. He gropes on the wide      
          He moves between men and animals in a very clumsy way and      
          causes fright and confusion. PEOPLE SCREAM, there’s a big      
          mess. The sun suddenly dazzles the eyes of the Giant, who      
          raises his hands to shelter and shakes them awkwardly.         
          Hands shadow passes violently through the CROWD; men and       
          beasts are thrown to the ground by the passing shadows.        
          Some are injured. Some are thrown out of the parapets and      
          end up in water, or they cling. Everyone SCREAMS.              
   189    EXT TEMPLE - PATIO - DAY                                       
          Cullen observes the bustle with irritation. With a rash        
          movement he looks for the sword and makes the act of           
          moving forward. Benjamin holds him by the arm.                 
                    I guess your thoughts, but we’re                     
                    helpless with our strength, in                       
                    the face of this helpless. Don’t                     
                    worry! He harms for the last                         
                    time, and fortunately his shadow                     
                    will abandon us.                                     
   190    EXT WAGON BRIDGE - DAY                                         
          The Giant passes the Wagon Bridge and sees the Temple. He      
          drops his hands in amazement and gasps. Behind him, along      
          the bridge, a great confusion, and PEOPLE even in the          
   191    EXT SQUARE - DAY                                               
          Arrived at the center of the square, the Giant before          
          stops, then makes the act of advancing towards the patio,      
          but the feet together don’t rise, they are been held at        
          the ground.                                                    
          The Giant MOANS, fixes his gaze ahead. He turns into a         
          stone statue and shrinks up to a height of three meters.       
          He is tall and straight, almost pointed on the head.           
                              STATUA DEL GIGANTE                         
                    Here the teacher erected me on a                     
                    high pedestal. Arise, he said:                       
                    and I arise for him with strength                    
                    and joy.                                             
          The statue closes its mouth and remains motionless. PEOPLE     
          CROWD around it, surround it and observe it in amazement.      
          Comments and exclamations. From there, part of the             
          multitude turns towards the temple.                            
   192    EXT TEMPLE - PATIO - DAY                                       
          Cullen puts his hands on the balustrade and speaks to the      
                    I’ll open spaces where millions                      
                    of men will live safe, free and                      
                    active, in green and fertile                         
                              CULLEN (FOLLOW)                            
                    fields. Men and animals, in a                        
                    brand new land, united by the                        
                    great Wagon Bridge, built by the                     
                    sacrifice of the daring and                          
                    industrious snake.                                   
          The CROWD listens attentively, part in the square, part on     
          the bridge (where now everyone is stationary), part on the     
          steps, part on the patio. In the square there are also         
          Lily, Philine and the Three Maids.                             
                              CULLEN (CONT’D)(OS)                        
                    A paradise on earth. The waves                       
                    don’t rage more to the brim; they                    
                    don’t burst violently. Yes, I’ve                     
                    consecrated myself to this idea:                     
                    the conclusion of wisdom is                          
          Cullen and Lily smile each other.                              
                              CULLEN (CONT’D)                            
                    Only those who must conquer them                     
                    every day deserves freedom and                       
                    life. Thus the child, the man and                    
                    the old will live, magnanimously.                    
                    And we will see such fervor on a                     
                    free land, with a free people!                       
                         (aloud, happily)                                
                    I say to this instant: you’re so                     
                    beautiful, stop! The ages cannot                     
                    erase the trace of my earthly                        
                    days. Foreseeing such a high joy,                    
                    I now savor the supreme moment!                      
   193    EXT TEMPLE - PATIO/RAMP - DAY                                  
          The WAYFARERS swarm towards stairs, go up and enter the        
          Temple. Even Lily, Philine and the Three Maids with Stanny     
          go up again. The CROWD carries on arriving from the Wagon      
          So there are PEOPLE at the same time on the bridge, in the     
          square, on the steps, on the patio, and keep coming. At        
          that moment the hawk SCREECHES in the sky. It still has        
          the mirror in its claws.                                       
          The mirror reflects the sunlight on the crown of Cullen,       
          which sparkles. Cullen and Lily glow by a celestial            
          splendor. Everyone bow in unison to the couple and in          
          unison they get up.                                            
   194    EST/INT TEMPLE - DAY                                           
          Cullen and Lily enter the Temple. A ray of light coming        
          from a window strikes them. The CROWD seems to ignore          
          them, but the PEOPLE in the immediate vicinity make            
          themselves to the side, whispering to each other. Lily         
          takes Cullen by the hand.                                      
                    Come with me, my husband!                            
          They go into the CROWD, we don’t see them anymore.             
   195    INT TEMPLE - DAY                                               
          Benjamin and Philine enter the Temple hugging, followed by     
          Stanny, and mingle with the CROWD. The Three Maids enter,      
          split up and mingle with the CROWD. Argus enters, takes a      
          few steps and stops, staring the whole temple.                 
          Lily leads Cullen by the hand behind the Composite King’s      
          statue, in front of a small wooden door. Lily takes a          
          small key from her dress pocket and opens the door, which      
          leads into a dark corridor.                                    
   196    INT SECRET PASSAGE - DAY                                       
          Lily takes a torch and a fire striker from a space carved      
          into the wall. She lights the torch, hands it to Cullen        
          and closes the door. Cullen inserts the torch into a ring      
          on the wall. Cullen and Lily hug and kiss softly.              
                    Finally in your arms I enjoy what                    
                    the birth gave me, and what you                      
                    offered me.                                          
                    Feel how this breath of love                         
                    whispers. My only joy is your                        
          Displays of tender affection.                                  
                    Where does this passage lead?                        
                    To my castle...                                      
          Cullen takes up the torch and with Lily goes into the          
          secret passage.                                                
   197    INT TEMPLE - DAY                                               
          PEOPLE disperses in the Temple. Everyone looks with            
          amazement and admiration. Suddenly, excited voices of joy      
          come from the patio.                                           
   198    EXT TEMPLE - PATIO - DAY                                       
          Gold coins seem to fall unexpectedly from the sky on the       
          screpatio over the PEOPLE, who SCREAM AND SHOUT OUT IN         
          JOY. Coins RESOUND on the floor. Many come out of the          
          temple. Two blurry Richard and John giggle as they shake       
          off their coins off.                                           
          They flutter and play with the canary. The WAYFARERS rush      
          on the coins to get hold of them, with exclamations. The       
          canary CHIRPS merrily. This miracle is repeated now in one     
          place now in another of the patio.                             
   199    EXT SQUARE - DAY                                               
          Richard and John fly over the square and repeat the same       
          scene: shake out gold coins and the CROWD shout out in         
          joy, rushing on the coins. At one point Richard and John       
          fly away laughing, followed by the canary CHIRPING at its      
          Greedy PEOPLE carry on arriving from all sides with            
          exclamations, bumping and running around even when coins       
          no longer fall.                                                
   200    EXT RIVER WEST SIDE - PATH - DAY                               
          The sun begins to decline. In the distance the Three Maids     
          slowly return, carrying flowers and baskets of coins.          
   201    INT TEMPLE/ALTAR - DAY                                         
          Only Argus remains in the Temple. He enters the silver         
          altar and looks around. The light arrives from some            
          loopholes and from the open door. The bed is a bit             
          battered but still usable.                                     
          Argus stands up a table and a chair. In the middle of the      
          furnishings fallen in bulk, he also finds his lamp. He         
          lights it and looks around with the lamp in his hand.          
                    What must always unite us?                           
                         (little pause)                                  
          He puts the lamp on the table and lies on the bed. Slowly      
          he falls asleep. The Temple is immersed in silence.            
   202    EXT WAGON BRIDGE - DAY                                         
          Only A FEW WAYFARERS cross the bridge on foot. Benjamin,       
          holding his Magic Lamp in his hand, and Philine, followed      
          by Stanny, who trots her tired, cross the Bridge from left     
          to right. Benjamin puts an arm around Philine’s shoulders      
          and kisses her tenderly on the temple, without stopping.       
   203    EXT SQUARE - DAY                                               
          Only the stone Giant remains in the deserted square. He        
          has become a fountain and exudes water, which gushes           
          SOUGHING gently. Around the fountain we see the circle of      
          a beautiful Roman numerals sundial. Giant’s shadow             
          stretches marking the time.                                    
                                                            FADE OUT     
                                 THE END